Most watched video in paintball history! 3,263,397 views!

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Most Watched Video in Paintball History: Devin Super Tramp’s “Epic Paintball Battle” When the YouTube viral video master himself, Devin Super Tramp, gets an idea in his head, he makes it happen… and he makes it GREAT. Appropriately titled “Epic Paintball Battle”, the video features hundreds of characters, awesome land and air vehicles, action sports stars from the MTV Series Nitro Circus, a LOT of Spyder MRX markers and 100,000 Nelson Paintballs! It’s great to see companies like Spyder  lend support to projects like Devin Super Tramp’s “Paintball Warfare – Epic Paintball Battle”. The video has been up for three weeks and it already has over 3 MILLION HITS! It’s this kind of mainstream exposure that our sport needs to grow in an internet-driven economy. Be sure to support Devin Super Tramp’s new video, like it, comment on it, tweet it, subscribe to his YouTube channel, and tell him THANKS for making the sport of paintball look so great!

The video has gathered over 3,263,397 views on YouTubes, and the number is continuing to grow even larger everyday!

After 20 years of commitment to paintball sports, Kingman Group continues to exceed expectations by its leadership in creation and technology. To celebrate our 20th anniversary, Kingman Group is proud to introduce the Commemorative Special Edition, 2012 Spyder MRX™ paintball marker, featuring the most innovative “DLS” Dual Loading System and superior air efficient Eko™ Valve. We have raised the bar for our paintball industry. The new 2012 MRX is the feature paintball gun in the video chosen by Devin Super Tramp. The video also showcases, MR 100 Spyder Paintball guns, and HighLite goggle systems, and the 2012 Fenix, and Vict

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