Paintball is very safe as long as you follow the rules and use common sense. Injuries can be avoided by following simple paintball etiquette. As a whole, paintball is very safe, and when played properly does not lead to major injuries. In fact, based on severe sport-related injuries that lead to emergency room visits, paintball is safer than bowling.

Following these simple rules will keep you safe on the paintball field!

When a game is being played, wear your paintball mask at all times. Safety glasses should never be used as protective eye wear, only wear Spyder goggles specifically designed for the sport of paintball. Do not remove your mask after you have been shot, and DO NOT REMOVE YOUR MASK WHILE A GAME IS STILL BEING PLAYED!. There are no exceptions to this rule. Keep masks on until barrel plugs have been placed back on all loaded guns and you are in a safe zone away from the paintball field.

Do not fire your paintball marker unless you have a target. Avoid firing in a direction without looking. This could cause you to accidentally shoot players who are leaving the field, referees, or bystanders.

Most paintball field operators will have a rule against shooting your opponent when he/she is within 10 feet from you. Please ask and follow all close-range rules. It is customary to offer a surrender to any opposing player that comes within twenty feet, as close-range paintball shots can be very painful.

SHOOT LESS THAN 300 FPS (feet per second)
When adjusting your paintball marker remember to set your velocity under 300 FPS. Shooting speed can be clocked using a paintball chronograph, available at most paintball fields and pro shops. Adjust your paintball marker velocity to a safe level before playing.

All paintball markers should be blocked with a barrel plug or barrel sock when not in use during a live game. All Spyder paintball markers come with a BBD (barrel blocking device). This BBD should be inserted when paintball goggles are not being worn, before and after paintball games, in the field parking lot, and any location away from a specified paintball field.

Most problems can be avoided when using common sense. Don’t shoot private property or at any location that is not a specified paintball field. Don’t shoot out of a moving vehicle. Don’t look down the barrel of a loaded or unloaded paintball marker. Keep paintball marker in SAFE mode until ready to operate. Don’t test shoot yourself, or any other player.



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