Spyder Presents the 2012 “Tactical 5 Series” @ Hollywood Sports Park

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Hollywood Sports Park,  2012

Bellflower, CA


Press Release–


Hollywood Sports Park, Bearscup Tournament Paintball Series, and Bears Tactical5 Series, have teamed up with Spyder Paintball to present the “2012 Tactical5 Series” at Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower, CA. The event is a 5 on 5 woodsball/tournament paintball series, which is played on a woodsball/scenario style field. The game is 5 minutes long, and there is an objective to grab and capture the flag, and return it to your base. Spyder Paintball will have the 2012 MRX, and some brand new gear and accessories at the park for usage for the the first event. Event #1 is set for May 12th, Event #2 is set for June 20th, and Event #3 which is the grand finale is set for September 22nd at World Famous SC Village. For more information about the tournament series, please visit spyder.tv or bearstactical5.com, also you can call 1562 867 9600 for team registration. This event is sure to be a great start to a great series, and we look forward to seeing all the great teams and players out there.


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