Spyder Paintball featured in “This Means War” Movie

Feb 17, 2012   //   by Spyder   //   Blog, Company News, In The Press  //  4 Comments

Kingman Group has done a product placement, promoting the Spyder Series markers in the 20th Century Fox comedy-action movie “This Means War,” in theaters everywhere today.  The markers are featured in a sequence involving a romantic date that unravels during a vigorous Paintball competition. The film stars Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. Video is courtesy of 20th Century Fox.


  • I luv spyder paintball guns wanna get a new one

  • The bunkered kids were wearing Tippmann goggles and using 98 customs

  • Where’s the Marshalls? He’s not wearing face mask!!

  • This video probably just violated almost every rule in the book… No mask on the playfield, contact on the playfield, no full facial protection (crazy), no barrel blocking device on the marker after the game around people with no mask (friggin crazy)… but this was funny none the less =) I’d watch this again!

    BTW what crappy rule is no headshots? Getting shot in the mask doesn’t hurt, I always go for headshots when I can, to save the opponent the pain and bruises.

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