Spyder “MRX™ Elite” World Release & “The Hunt” Short Film

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Baldwin Park, CA – After 20 years of commitment to paintball sports, Kingman Group continues to exceed expectations by its leadership in creation and technology. Since 1994 Spyder Paintball has been known for making reliable and affordable paintball markers with a devoted dedication to the sport of paintball.

Kingman Group welcomes these all new .68 Caliber paintball markers to the Spyder lineup for 2012; the Spyder Fenix, MRX, MR100 Pro, Xtra and Victor. The 2012 Spyder .68 Cal. markers feature the latest technology and materials available, including a standard equipped Eko™ Valve which offers the most extreme air efficiency available in the paintball market. The patent pending green concept Eko™ Valve reduces your cost to play paintball delivering an impressive 1,600 shots average per 20oz. CO2 tank; compare that to 800 shots from a standard marker without this technology!

We are proud to introduce the 2nd marker from our Spyder MRX™ family, the Spyder MRX™ Elite, a tactical powerhouse featuring the brand new “DLS” Dual Loading System. This unique patent pending system enables you to interchange your loading system with a quick turn of the barrel; allowing the user to switch between a traditional upper load feed system and all new 10-round lower magazine feed system during play. MRX™ Accessories that come stock with the marker include the: Detachable Fore Grip, Feed Neck Cover Plate, Sight Rail Mount, Dual Color Red/Green Dot Sight, additional 10-Round MRX™ Magazine, Laser Pointer, 18″ Sniper Barrel, and Adjustable Car Stock. The extensive list of included MRX™ Accessories delivers a realistic military look allowing the player to experience a true Mil-Sim feel making it a must-have marker for scenario paintball players.

Visit www.spyder.tv to watch the Spyder MRX™ and MRX™ Elite YouTube Videos featuring the exciting Spyder Paintball MRX™ Series “The Hunt” short film, a product overview, plus an animation showing the “DLS” Dual Loading System.

Kingman stands by the same philosophy that has brought us success over the past 20 years, “Pursue the ultimate without paying the ultimate price”. Look for the all new 2012 .68 Cal. Spyder MRX™ Elite at your local paintball retailer, or visit us online to locate a dealer near you.

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