Rapid .50 Caliber E-Loader


Rapid .50 Caliber E-Loader 94806

The Rapid™ .50 Caliber Electronic Loader is the superior paintball hopper for your .50 Caliber paintball marker. The Rapid™ can hold 350 paintballs and operates at a 20 balls per second feed rate. The force feed system insures your paintball marker receives the paintballs just as fast as you can shoot them. The Rapid™ operates on one 9 Volt battery (sold seperately).

+ 350 Round Paintball Capacity
+ 20 Balls Per Second Feed Rate
+ Tab Type Sensor (No Optics to Clean)
+ 4 Impeller System
+ Forcefeed Type System
+ Durable Poly-Carbon Shell
+ LED Power Indicator
+ Single 9 Volt Battery Power Source (not included)
+ Easy Access Battery Compartment
+ Spring Assisted Lid