Advancer 7120

The Advancer™ is the first tournament level .50 Caliber electronic paintball marker from Spyder. Featuring a reduced weight and overall profile, the Advancer™ allows maximum mobility during play. Each Advancer™ comes equipped with the LEAP™ II Circuit Board by Tadao® which delivers silky bolt movement and effortless trigger mechanism. This smaller than traditional .50 Caliber paintball creates a smaller ammunition which means greater accuracy and efficiency, less mess and less impact for the player. With the low recoil of the marker the ball maintains a more accurate flight path capable of placing your shots within a tight grouping. The Advancer™ comes with the patent pending Eko™ Valve System which can get an impressive 3,500 shots with one single 20oz CO2 tank. You can operate the Advancer™ on CO2 or Compressed Air.

+ Air Efficient EKO™ Valve System (Patent Pending)
+ Break Beam Eye (Anti-Chop System)
+ LEAP™ II Circuit Board with Rear Facing Color Access Mode Display (CAMD) Developed by Tadao Technologies with Semi-Auto and the current PSP and Millennium settings
+ Quick Release Bolt
+ 10" Micro Ported Barrel
+ Clamping Collar Feedneck
+ 3-Way Adjustable Magnetic Response "Saber" Trigger
+ Recessed Dual Texture Grip Panels
+ All Aluminum Body Construction
+ High Impact Polymer Trigger Frame
+ Adjustable Fast Charge Low Pressure Inline Regulator
+ Standard Thread Vertical Adapter
+ External Velocity Adjuster
+ Tool Free Striker Plug Design
+ Steel Braided Hose
+ Inline Bottom-line ASA
+ Dual Ball Detents
+ Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air

Included with this marker:
+ 350 Round Gravity Feed Loader
* Battery and charger not included