Spyder Hammer™ 7 Diamond Black


Spyder Hammer™ 7 Diamond Black 94718

The Hammer™ pump-action paintball marker was first released by Kingman over 20 years ago as one of our flagship products. With great anticipation we introduce the 2013 Hammer™ 7 pump-action paintball marker with cool new features that didn't exist two decades ago. The Hammer™ 7 mil-sim shotgun style marker comes stock with a 9-round magazine capable of shooting .68 caliber paintballs and the new First Strike™ paintball from Tiberius Arms. The First Strike™ paintball offers 2x more range and 25x more accuracy; claims made by Tiberius Arms.

The included clamping center feed neck can be attached to use a traditional hopper feed system.

- Mil-Sim, Shotgun Style, Pump-Action Paintball Marker
- "FSE" First Strike™ Equipped
- 9 Round First Strike™ Capable Magazine Included
- Shotgun Style Pump Foregrip
- .45 Caliber Style Pistol Grip
- Auto Trigger
- Picatinny Top Rail w/ Picatinny Feed Neck Cover Plate
- 12" Hammer Barrel w/ Standard Threaded AR15 Muzzle Brake
- High Impact Polymer, Clamping Center Feed Neck Included (shown in call-out box)
- High Impact Polymer Trigger Frame
- 13° Rear Body ASA
- Internal Velocity Adjuster
- Capable to shoot .68 Caliber & First Strike™ Paintballs
- Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air

Package Includes: Marker, 9 Round First Strike™ Capable Magazine, Clamping Center Feed Neck, Barrel Blocking Device, Spare Parts Kit, Service Tools, Product Manual

Learn more about the First Strike™ paintball from Tiberius.

Interchangeable Clamping
Center Feed Neck

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Spyder Hammer 7 (Black) Spyder Hammer™ 7 Diamond Black