MRX Elite is now available + Accessories

Mar 14, 2012   //   by Spyder   //   Blog  //  8 Comments

The new 2012 MRX Elite is now available on , check it out! With all new accessories and all new MRX body with Dual Loading System, this gun is the most advanced scenario marker out there. Light, effective, and accurate, the all new MRX Elite has everything a scenario and tactical player could possibly want in a paintball gun. Not only are the best scenario players and teams using this all around the world, but fields across everywhere  have been ordering these guns, for rentals and rental upgrades. Make sure you check out the MRX Elite and MRX at your local pro-shop, or at or


  • Hey is Spyder going to make upgrades for the MRX. ie; Floating Rails for hand guards

  • hey there. i am running a mrx with 9 mags. i was wondering if you guys are going to bring out a extended mag for it, and perhaps a etriger?

  • The High Capacity magazine is in the works. You can check it out here:

    The Spyder Advance E-Trigger will also be available soon. More details here:!/~/product/category=2128281&id=16081464

    Stay tuned for updates.

    Kingman Group

  • Where can I purchase all that awesome multi-cam Camo in your mrx video?? Thanks!

  • Can the MRX shoot First Strike rounds?

  • The MRX is designed to shoot only .68 caliber paintballs. If you are interested the E-MR5™, MR5™, and Hammer 7™ paintball markers are equipped to shoot First Strike rounds.

  • Any news about the extended mags?

  • hey spyder i want mrx elite but what sights can go on it or comes with it

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