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Old 12-26-2006, 11:50 AM
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well i was tuning my gun today, and i found out that it has quite a bit of suction (with my 9in rebel barrel, the ball would get sucked in instantly) and i wanted to see how well it actually worked, so i filled up my hopper and shot off about half of it, without skipping much, and no chops at all. i didn't use the rebel barrel though, i used a 12in OTP spyder barrel, which doesn't have as much suction, actually, the ball pops up a bit, then gets sucked in. anyways, it worked suprisingly well, unless i aim down a little. then it starts jamming every once in a while. I made a vid of it using 84 rounds (all i had left) and i forgot about the aiming down part, so it jammed a few times (but never chopped) the vid sucks, cause i used my lil sisters camera as a video camera, so it's all messed up when i'm talking. i set it down on the railing of our porch when i was shooting though. the last 3 shots are dry fires XP, i didn't realize my gun was so quiet hahaha

Originally Posted by texastornado from PBN
...i was playin with my buddy once and he told me he couldn't cock his acs which had come uncocked. It turns out his arm had fallen off...

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