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Old 07-30-2006, 08:08 PM
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Default Re: Triumphant return with a new

Originally Posted by tigerdave714
As far as the safety course goes (in response to viperx6x9x), I think I've got that covered. I was raised around guns and was taught to shoot by my father, uncle, and both grandfathers (all retired military). I also did a 2-day shooting course at the South Carolina Law Enforcement Academy a few years back. Believe me... safety is my middle name when it comes to firearms.

Glad to hear it, mate.

I will agree that there should be a mandatory class for new handgun owners though. It was way too easy for me to purchase this gun without any question as to my experience with firearms. I mean sure... my background check went through without issue, but they didn't tell me anything about safety or even how to operate this particular weapon. I could have taken it home and blown my head off first thing. I think every shop should have a range out back where new gun owners are taught how to load, fire, and clean their weapon safely. If you can't pass the class, you don't buy the gun. But thats just my 2 cents.

We have a practical when you get a firearm here in CA. You have to demonstrate the ability to work the safety features, such as locking the slide open and turning on the safety. No "live" practical is in place, but they makee sure you know what a safety is before you leave the shop.

Concerning the noise issue, I kinda hope it is that loud. When I'm at the range I'll be wearing ear protection so it won't bother me. But if someone breaks into my apartment and I'm forced to use it, I want everyone in the building to hear the shots.

Any real firearm goes boom. I wouldn't shoot one that doesn't.

As for the ammo suggestions, I think I'm going to stick with a simple FMJ round (probably CCI Blazer) for range time, and I'm planning to use either Federal Hydrashocks or those Glaser safety shots for personal protection use. The hyrdaschocks are tried and true, but the safety shot supposedly boasts better stopping power. I'll try them both at the range and see which one works best for me.
Best "put down" rounds in my experience (we used ballistics jelly... police surplus FTW) are hollow points and Cor*Bon. They're hard to get a hold of and expensive, but I think they did the most damage I've ever seen done to ballistics jelly.
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