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Old 04-09-2006, 12:54 PM
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Default Re: ~*indoor reball vids*~

Originally Posted by SniperX
theres alot of cheating and u cant get hit anywhere with out knowing because reballs actully do hurt worse
Last time I went reballing, cheating was rampant everywhere. Because of that, I was trying to be extra careful NOT to cheat (when the shocker wasn't down, that is!) But I was getting bonused like crap and I was getting really mad about it. I mean, every single game that I got hit, it was like 50 extra balls hitting me from everywhere, and you're right. Those things HURT like hell.....

Well, come to find out, I was getting out earlier than I thought, but I didn't realize it because it was either hitting my hopper, or my pack or the side of my mask and I wasn't feeling it. I was pissing the other players off because of it so they were bonusing the crap outta me. FINALLY, someone mentioned it to me. I felt like crap because I'd been playing on and making everyone mad, but there wasn't anyone reffing and I figured with all the RAMPANT cheating going on, that was the way it was now.

PS, I can see why people only use reball for practice mainly. The place I go to USED to be a good place to go, but the last time I went they didn't sweep the floors, didn't have refs and it was VERY apparant that they had "field" teams that play there all the time. Shoot, I even read on local forums that they run a "tab" for some players, so they're there all the time. With that in mind, they definitely had the "this is MY field so get off" attitude. I'll only use it for practice, if ever I decide to play and go there again. Give me good ol paint any day!
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