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Old 08-30-2010, 03:07 AM
FlipMz3drvr FlipMz3drvr is offline
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Default Re: MR4 using and MR2 or 3 E trigger?

slim... to finally get an answer for Benner's original questions, would we be able to use the E trigger on the MR4? and also about drilling for eyes?
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Old 08-30-2010, 04:03 PM
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Default Re: MR4 using and MR2 or 3 E trigger?

Originally Posted by Benner View Post
anyone think its possible to match an mr4's trigger frame with one of the older models E trigger frame.

And if so how hard would it be to install eyes into the gun, would it be something you recommend for a beginner to try??

i would really like to mod this gun and make it my own but need the help of you guys i know you know a great deal on the subject of guns because ive followed the forums for a few days now.

thanks in advance, mike
It depends on how old the trigger frame your talking about is, i currently got a new e-trigger added onto my mr4, and i have also noticed that it has the same screw layout as my imagine. so i tested the mech trigger i took off my mr4 on my imagaine. It fit perfectly, i only need a new asa that match's the mr series asa's. But it will not fit on an mr2-3 those two have a different style trigger then the others in the mr series.

As for eyes, i've seen people add eyes to almost any marker, you just have to have the propper e-board and the eyes to match. look over your gun and if you need help go to your local paintbalfield/proshop for advice on it. The people at proshops/fields generally will be able to help ya in some way or form.
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