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Old 05-03-2009, 06:15 PM
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Default internet ram-pages!

(mini pissed thread)

I feel like I'm alone in a world filled with bad web designers, somebody please tell me I'm not alone and that you too are annoyed by the laziness and stupidity of somebody behind a desk and does a job I've done on a few separate occasions. It's the little things. Things you think of that you know 2 seconds in testing would have been made obvious to any competent designer. It's a pet peeve of mine, and I simply went off after these two consecutive sites were accessed:


this site makes me want to pull my hair out. anyone with a decently high resolution screen ought to be able to see this flaw upon a simple scroll. The web 2.0 diagonal lines are too close together. scrolling down at an average speed makes even the highest refresh rates on monitors obvious as the background flashes black and white at you in an epilepsy-inducing rampage.GARRRRRR YAHOO! how can you sit back there and not notice this terribly annoying problem!? It's probably 10 minutes of work at the most to fix it, and they do nothing.

number 2:


flickr, maybe this one is just my expectations of simplicity, but it bothers the hell out of me. When i click an image in the list of thumbnails, it takes me to a new page. then when i get there, there's no next area, just a simplified box of thumbnails to the right, with a mini scroll bar. I have to click a new link to a new images page to move on. all of the content on the page is reloaded, and the new image's page is refreshed as if it's something completely different from the last. This is not only too much white time on the screen for such a simple refresh, but FLICKR IS A PICTURE SITE! how can you not have a "next image" button on a picture website? utter failure.


post about your e-annoyances that never get fixed.
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Old 05-03-2009, 08:25 PM
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Default Re: internet ram-pages!

i don't know if this is the same kinda thing as yahoo but ultimate-guitar has a background that seems to flicker by itself, it just kinda annoys me when im on that site... but i don't know if that is the sam kinda deal or not
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Old 05-04-2009, 10:51 AM
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Default Re: internet ram-pages!

That background isn't awful. I do see what you're saying, but ultimate-guitar's background gets very close to being just one color, since it's dots not lines. Amazons lines are much more noticeable since they are supposed to be a continued line, but the refresh of the screen (from top to bottom or vice versa) causes the lines to break and be noticeably not aligned. The dots there occasionally lead to larger spots.
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