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Old 02-08-2009, 08:15 AM
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Default Allied Infantry Units

The 1st Infantry Division, in early 1944, was one of the U.S.

Army's most experienced and battle-tested infantry divisions.

The 1st (or Big Red One from their distinctive insignia) had

fought and distinguished itself in North Africa and Sicily during

1942 and 1943, as part of the Allied attack in the Mediterranean


On D-Day morning, the 16th and 116th RCT’s made the first

landings. The 16th Regiment came ashore on the eastern sectors

of the beach (subsectors Easy Red and Fox Green) at about 0630

on D-Day with the 116th Regiment on its right.

The assault units on Omaha Beach immediately ran into intense

and devastating fire from the German forces on the high bluffs

which dominated the entire beach. Casualties in the initial assault

wave were high, and it appeared the assault might flounder. On

the beach, men were confused and many of the junior and senior

officers had been killed or wounded. Colonel George Taylor,

16th Regimental commander, saw men bunched up taking

casualties from artillery and mortar fire. He exhorted his troops:

"Two kinds of people are staying on this beach, the dead and

those who are going to die. Now, let's get the hell out of here."

Slowly, troops began to move and force their way up a draw

through a mine field to the bluffs beyond.

The "Big Red One" still had plenty of resistance to deal with, but

by the end of the day, it had helped secure a hold on "Fortress

Europe." The devastation on "Bloody Omaha" was appalling, but

the 1st Infantry Division, together with the other units on Omaha

Beach, had done their job. The success of Operation Overlord had

been assured.

Returning members of the 1st Infantry Division would like to

invite you to join them for what promises to be both a fun and

challenging event this year. If you've been thinking about

playing in D-Day but never had the chance, this is as good

a Allied unit as you're ever going to find. Don't just play

paintball this year, live the experience and you'll be one of

those who says "It's just a game till you've played it."

Official Oklahoma D-Day sign up for the 1st Infantry Division

The Bunker Extreme, Army Surplus, Oklahoma

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Old 02-09-2009, 12:01 AM
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Default Re: Allied Infantry Units

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