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Old 02-20-2006, 12:53 PM
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Default oh dear oh dear...is he trying to get me?

Ok, heres the story. I have a post on PBN selling my ipod for 180. Well, this guy IMs me today saying that he has a trade in my favor...im like erm. ok.. and he says he'll give me a brand new 2k5 timmy. nothing wrong with it...only aired up....straight up...so naturally, WTF is flying through my head. here is some of the convo.

RoninAHX8mm (3:16:33 PM): alright
RoninAHX8mm (3:16:37 PM): you wouldnt have to add cash
DannyMoe35 (3:16:42 PM): hhmm
DannyMoe35 (3:16:47 PM): got any feedback
RoninAHX8mm (3:17:16 PM):i will trade straight up
RoninAHX8mm (3:17:18 PM): the gun for the ipod
RoninAHX8mm (3:17:22 PM): and accessories
DannyMoe35 (3:17:58 PM): hhmm. feedback?
RoninAHX8mm (3:18:05 PM): yes hold on
RoninAHX8mm (3:18:25 PM): ill get back to you on that, i have to search for it
DannyMoe35 (3:18:30 PM): alright.
DannyMoe35 (3:19:06 PM): You ship first or we do a third party of my choice and its a deal.
RoninAHX8mm (3:19:27 PM): ....
RoninAHX8mm (3:19:33 PM): you cant just ship first, ill give you all my info
RoninAHX8mm (3:19:48 PM): im giving you a gun for an ipod, the least you could do is ship first
DannyMoe35 (3:20:34 PM): naw dude. its a deal thats almost to good to be true. Naturally, im a little sceptic. I couldnt ship out first. I have great feedback. Im not shipping first. Third party works for me.
RoninAHX8mm (3:20:57 PM): i really dont feel like doing a third party, so your loss
DannyMoe35 (3:21:14 PM): alright. thats fine. better safe than sorry. How bout that feedback?
DannyMoe35 (3:21:26 PM): might be interested if its good.
RoninAHX8mm (3:21:34 PM): its positive 5
RoninAHX8mm (3:21:46 PM): i have ebay feedback
RoninAHX8mm (3:21:56 PM): could you accept that, then ship first?
DannyMoe35 (3:22:19 PM): naw. How do I know thats you?? Pbnation feedback is what I need. sorry. Unless somehow you could prove it was you.
RoninAHX8mm (3:22:28 PM): hm
RoninAHX8mm (3:22:53 PM): if you can think of a way to prove it
RoninAHX8mm (3:23:03 PM): i could tell you my password, but i really dont want to do that
DannyMoe35 (3:23:13 PM): no. i dont want that.
DannyMoe35 (3:23:25 PM): my ebay account is villagegrind. send a message to it.
RoninAHX8mm (3:23:40 PM): ill have to send one tomorrow, because its at work
DannyMoe35 (3:23:47 PM): thats fine.
DannyMoe35 (3:24:23 PM): im still sceptical though. why dont you want to do 3rd party?
RoninAHX8mm (3:24:30 PM): takes too much time
DannyMoe35 (3:24:58 PM): Its worth the security though, is it not?
RoninAHX8mm (3:25:35 PM): yes kind of, but im leaving this weekend for africa
RoninAHX8mm (3:25:41 PM): and i will be over there for about 2 months
DannyMoe35 (3:25:50 PM): oh yeah? what for?
RoninAHX8mm (3:25:55 PM): hunting
DannyMoe35 (3:26:01 PM): interesting.
RoninAHX8mm (3:26:12 PM): yes, ill only be hunting like a week though
RoninAHX8mm (3:26:59 PM): if you overnight it, which i would pay
DannyMoe35 (3:28:14 PM): sorry. Im not going to overnight something to someone who has no feedback.
RoninAHX8mm (3:28:27 PM): i do have feedback
RoninAHX8mm (3:28:28 PM): positive 5
DannyMoe35 (3:28:35 PM): i havent seen it.
DannyMoe35 (3:28:47 PM): whats your PBN name?
RoninAHX8mm (3:28:49 PM): and ill show it to you
RoninAHX8mm (3:28:57 PM): 04ckrgat
RoninAHX8mm (3:29:02 PM): im not a supporting member
RoninAHX8mm (3:29:06 PM): so i cant search for it
DannyMoe35 (3:31:50 PM): do you understand why i might be alittle sceptic? Im getting a phenominal deal, and you dont want to do third party, and want me to ship first. It just seems alittle sketchy.
RoninAHX8mm (3:31:58 PM): yes i understand
RoninAHX8mm (3:32:06 PM): the reason why im doing this deal
RoninAHX8mm (3:32:13 PM): is because ive been trying ot get a solid deal for an ipod
RoninAHX8mm (3:32:16 PM): for about 2 months now
RoninAHX8mm (3:32:23 PM): and everyone says the same thing you do
RoninAHX8mm (3:32:29 PM): well i dont know, seems too good
DannyMoe35 (3:32:43 PM): yeah. why not just sell the timmay?
RoninAHX8mm (3:32:54 PM): because i want an ipod
RoninAHX8mm (3:33:01 PM): or 360
DannyMoe35 (3:33:06 PM): yeah
RoninAHX8mm (3:37:59 PM): but i mean, even if the ipod were to get here like the day i am leaving, i can always have my mom or dad ship out the gun
DannyMoe35 (3:38:21 PM): yeah
RoninAHX8mm (3:39:53 PM): so can you do the trade?
DannyMoe35 (3:40:16 PM): Im still sceptical. Let me see that feedback and ill keep thinking about it.
RoninAHX8mm (3:40:29 PM): alright
RoninAHX8mm (3:40:39 PM): well i dont know when i can get it to you, because i have to search for it
DannyMoe35 (3:40:55 PM): ebay feedback? cant you just...sign on....
RoninAHX8mm (3:41:04 PM): oh
RoninAHX8mm (3:41:10 PM): i thought you were talking about pbnation
DannyMoe35 (3:41:23 PM): i thought you didnt have any pbn feedback??
RoninAHX8mm (3:41:31 PM): no i have 5 positive
DannyMoe35 (3:41:35 PM): ah gotcha.
RoninAHX8mm (3:41:46 PM): i have like 200 some on ebay
DannyMoe35 (3:41:52 PM): aahh. gotcha.
DannyMoe35 (3:41:58 PM): well, let me see that.
RoninAHX8mm (3:42:13 PM): like i said, ill have to get it to you like tomoorrow or wensday
RoninAHX8mm (3:42:19 PM): all my login information is at work
DannyMoe35 (3:42:26 PM): ah. gotcha. whats your ebay name?
RoninAHX8mm (3:42:36 PM): 1863men
RoninAHX8mm (3:43:50 PM): here, can i give you my cellphone number
RoninAHX8mm (3:43:52 PM): and stuff liek that?
RoninAHX8mm (3:44:21 PM): alright, well what time is it where you live?
DannyMoe35 (3:44:28 PM): 3:44
RoninAHX8mm (3:44:34 PM): its 444 here
DannyMoe35 (3:44:41 PM): ill take your number. but i still want to see feedback.
RoninAHX8mm (3:44:51 PM): 717-***-****
RoninAHX8mm (3:45:03 PM): call me when your time is like 9
RoninAHX8mm (3:45:18 PM): i have to go for now
RoninAHX8mm (3:45:19 PM): good talking
DannyMoe35 (3:45:22 PM): later
“RoninAHX8mm” signed off at 3:45:23 PM.

My better judgement says stay away.....to good to be true in my eyes. He gave me a picture of "the gun"...it looked alright. I dont know. Read it, let me know what you think.

btw....africa...wtf? lol.

edit: "........."s are where i took stuff out. I tried to make it as short as possible for you guys.
Originally Posted by TheRedBarron
Go to bed Moe.
Old 02-20-2006, 01:00 PM
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Default Re: oh dear oh dear...is he trying to get me?

I'd stay away unless he ship's first. Tell him he ship's first and the second you get the marker you'll next day air it to him. No deal if it doesn't go down something similiar to that.

Old 02-20-2006, 01:02 PM
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Default Re: oh dear oh dear...is he trying to get me?

yeah, sounds to good to be true. and if it's a kid, his parents might not go for him trading his $1000-ish 'Timmy for an i-Pod.

third party would be great, to bad he won't go for it... he's got nothing to lose.

i guess just wait and see.

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Old 02-20-2006, 01:07 PM
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Default Re: oh dear oh dear...is he trying to get me?

hahahaha the only thing he could have added was that he was hunting wolverines in Africa with a bowstaff..
lol paintball
Old 02-20-2006, 01:11 PM
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Default Re: oh dear oh dear...is he trying to get me?

Have him take a pic of the timmy in different angles of your choosing. Also in the pic have a valid drivers license clearly in the pic. Document everything if you do decide to send first have him agree to everything in an email with all contact information of both parties. If he does decide on a third party I know this mod on PBNation that does them and is pretty reputable.
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Old 02-20-2006, 01:18 PM
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Default Re: oh dear oh dear...is he trying to get me?

Sounds like he's trying to get you. I mean, come on. A Timmy for an Ipod? I got an Ipod and accessories for my STOCK T1!!! If he doesn't ship first, or do 3rd party, I say don't do it and just tell him to back off. I he really wants it, he'd do either or...
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Old 02-20-2006, 01:23 PM
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Default Re: oh dear oh dear...is he trying to get me?

lol i read the first bit, a little suspicious... but i would do it (via usps) then the africa thing comes in... lol. im sorry but thats way too much, if hes for real, im dying of laughter.
Old 02-20-2006, 01:46 PM
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Default Re: oh dear oh dear...is he trying to get me?

i smell bs.... and i dont think you can just go over to africa to hunt.
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Old 02-20-2006, 02:02 PM
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Default Re: oh dear oh dear...is he trying to get me?

Originally Posted by taurinic
i smell bs.... and i dont think you can just go over to africa to hunt.
Yep he could go to africa for a "hunting trip" but can't buy himself an IPOD and is willing to trade a timmy for it. mhahahahahahaha

it's BS and all other animal S's LOL
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Old 02-20-2006, 02:20 PM
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Default Re: oh dear oh dear...is he trying to get me?

tell him hes stupid and to stop wasting your time
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