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Old 03-24-2008, 11:52 PM
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Default Mr2 Anti Chop Bolt Question

New MR2 with Timmy Detent and 18 volt Fasta. CO2 verticle remote.
I'm trying to understand what KINGMAN was thinking when thay designed the "anti-chop" bolt.

Bolt break in: fully compressed spring for 3 days, followed by approx. 2000 rapid full bolt spring compressions. Decocks if held on full auto more than 3 sec. I'm testing with Re-Balls to de-bug the marker b4 I put paint thru it. So I really don't know if it is chopping or not. However, it does not decock at all when dry firing so I don't think there is any thing wrong with the "air system" or valve. (I know the Re-Balls are slightly smaller OD, not sure if that is a factor here or not but seems to me it could be)

Question: Should the bolt auto recock when it lodges against a ball that has not fully dropped into the breach? I read that if your bolt is fully broke-in it should recock if it encounters a misfeed or an object such as a squeege partically inserted into the breech (from the feed neck??) as a test.

If so, what would cause it to recock if the bolt has stopped forward movement at the feed port preventing the chop but at the same time preventing the striker from traveling far forward enough (even when the bolt spring is fully compressed) to hit the valve pin and release an air charge? I mean, it's a "blow back" marker...right? OR......... is the bolt not designed to completly stop forward movement when encountering a misfeed but just " slow up a bit" as the bolt spring compresses allowing time for the ball to fully drop or "ease" into the breech thus avoiding a chop and completing the cycle?

Suggestions, insights and observations welcomed with appreciation.

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