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Old 02-16-2006, 05:45 PM
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Default Re: extra credit help!

ok i came up with some bs (cuz teachers like that) answer, about how the importance doesnt lie in the correct answer but it lies in the variation of wrong answers recieved... heres what i wrote:

"The Importance of the black, egg-like object with colored lines
extending from the right and DTR 1F etending from it, is its
symbolism. The object can be viewed important by many people, but in
many different ways; some believe that the object holds its
significance in the colors, others in the shape, and others in the
letters which they believ they see coming from it. Contrary to these
beliefs, the object is not important with only one, or without them
all. This object symbolizes every single event, statement, issue, law,
etc. in the world, because of how people respond to it. Like the
response to this object, a certain event may have different meaning to
one person than it does to another because of thier two different
views. Although our views are different, the object remains the same.
The object is merely numbers which, when interpreted by a computer
become a "picture" in which pixels of different colors, combine to
form an object. This object is then recieved by our eyes, and
interpreted by our brains, which analyze it until we can no longer
think of any posibility to what it could mean. What does it mean? It
means electrical signals being sent from one machine to another, and
from our our computer moniter, into our eyes and broken back down into
electrical signals. This object has no significance, yet it has all
the significance in the world, because this object is miniscule
compared to our universe, yet without it the universe would be
incomplete. It has been a cause for the effect of the development of
the students' minds which will use this as a cause later in their
lives to acomplish whatever they acomplish, all because of desire, of
the hope that one may correctly guess what this object is, because as
it was once said "Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion,
simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest
weakness.". The importance of this object is that if helps us find our
purpose, because it is purpose that created us; Purpose that connects
us; Purpose that pulls us; That guides us; That drives us; It is
purpose that defines us; Purpose that binds us."

two matrix quotes= lots of e.c.
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Old 02-16-2006, 06:55 PM
h3ctor h3ctor is offline
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Default Re: extra credit help!

Id say it was something u plug into a button to raise the temperature by 1 fahrenheit. theres my contribution.
actually i have no ideat what it is , but there is also no importance, I bet if you submitted that as an answer, youd get full points.

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