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Old 11-13-2007, 05:34 PM
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Default Review of the Tadao Upgrade Board For the VS Series

This is a copy of my review posted on ***********.com:

From the Manufacturer:

Spyder Tadao Board Features

* Upgrade board that fits the VS series of Kingman markers
* 5 modes of fire - semi auto unlimited, semi auto 15bps, PSP ramp, Millennium Ramp, 3 shot burst
* Adjustable trigger debounce - 5 settings
* Forced shot feature
* Tournament mode lock
* Battery status indicator
* Semi auto lock switch
* Drop in installation
* Sleep mode

I received my Tadao board as soon as it was released a few months ago. I was so happy when the package finally arrived. I had been using a Scenerio Dreams T-Board up until that time and was not very happy with some issues I was having. I will have a review on the T-Board available soon. What I liked about the Tadao Board was that it was a drop in board and the "official" board recognized by Spyder. It is the only board on the market for VS users that does not require the use of another set of eyes. The installation is so simple and it is truly "plug and play" unlike the Virtue and T-Board.

All you have to do is gently unplug the connectors from the battery harness, eyes and the solenoid. You then unscrew the two screws that hold the board in place, remove the old board and reverse the process. You are now ready to go!

Unlike the T-Board the Tadao board does not require the use of a new button pad as it was designed by the ground up for the VS. It is also distributed and supported by Kingman and warranty claims go thorugh Kingman rather than Tadao Technologies. I do have to mention that the unit I received had a defective power button and I had to return it to Kingman for a replacement. I received a new one back in about a week so the service was great.

The board retails for $99.95 which is not a bad price for the features that you get.

One of the best featues is that Tadao Technologies has now relased their Musashi 7 Upgrade chip for the board which brings it to a whole new level. In fact, the Musashi 7 Upgrade chip is a "Must Have" upgrade for the board as the board itself does not support that many modes. The upgrade chip is $20.00 direct from the manufacturer.

It is still required and recommended to use the stock 9.6 volt battery that came with your VS marker and the charging port is still located in the same position. It does have a battery power indicator that lets you know the status of the battery on power up and a 15 minute idle time shut down feature to help keep you from draining your battery.

Programming is very simple since you only have the option to change your firing mode and trigger debounce. The board does have a "forced shot" feature which will fire regardless of the eye sensors just by holding the trigger down for a few seconds. This is handy for clearing breaks etc. You are able to disable the eyes which caps the marker at 10 bps. There is also a jumper that will lock the board in semi-automatic mode which is required for some tournaments and fields. When first powered on the board is in "safe mode" and the this must be turned off before the marker can be shot.

Some modes explained:

PSP Ramp:
• The first 3 shots of a string are semi-automatic
• After the 4th shot the marker will ramp up to the loader’s maximum speed or the maximum rate of fire, as long as the user pulls the trigger faster than the ramp start setting
• If the user stops firing for more than 1 second, the 3-shot semi-automatic count starts over

Millenium Ramp: (from http://www.millennium-series.com/rul...rules=official)
Ramping of shots will be allowed only once 7.5bps
has been achieved and then the marker may ramp to 15bps only if the 7.5bps is
continually maintained. Once the trigger is released only a single additional shot may
be discharged thereafter.

All in all the board is great and the support via email direct from Tadao is great should you have any questions about the board. However, I would only recommend this board if you plan on getting the upgrade chip.
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