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Old 11-13-2007, 05:28 PM
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Default Review of the Custom Products Sling Trigger for the VS2

This is a exact copy of my review as listed on ***********.com:

I received my Custom Products (CP) trigger a few days ago and finally got to go to the field this last weekend to test it out. I have been waiting for the release of this trigger as the only other available trigger upgrade that I knew about was the Trinity VS Upgrade trigger and was not real impressed by the pictures and the comments since I don't even think it has a bearing. I have not used it though and welcome any review and any comments. The CP trigger is available in many colors (17 to be exact) and retails for about $35.00 direct from CP.

The trigger arrived in a nice standard CP package and included the trigger, a new spring, a small bolt and nut to replace the stock trigger pin and a metal bushing which helps rid the trigger of the typical side to side play that the stock VS trigger has. Once thing that was lacking was any kind of install instructions and since I am a dimwit this was a great setback. To CP's credit I made a call to their number listed on the website (480-539-4820) and someone came on the line and walked me through the install. Great service!

The install was fairly easy and involved removing the grips and then removing the trigger frame from the body. You then must remove the stock trigger by pounding out the side that does not have the "star" insert. Use a sharp object like an awl or even a nail. Be very careful and if you are not sure what you are doing you may want to have this done by a professional or use our upgrade service. Once the stock trigger is removed the included screw replaces the stock pin. You insert the new spring into the trigger and drop it into the frame making sure that the bolt goes through the bushing. The retaining nut is secured on the bolt on the inside of the frame. Be sure to insert the bolt into the left side ofthe frame. You may have to use some very small needle nose pliers or even tweezers and it took some patience to get it in just right. You can tighten the screw down with an allen head wrench.

The trigger allows for three adjustments using a small allen screw. There is an adjustment for activating the switch a stop adjustment and at the top an adjustment to control how much the trigger moves forward. These are the same as the stock trigger. It is positioned close to the switch and therefore it is much easier to walk the trigger and the bearing and bushing eliminate the side to side play that is common on the stock trigger. The trigger looks really sharp and with the color choices there is sure to be a color that you will like to match your marker. With the three adjustment screws you will be able to get this trigger to feel just the way you like it and it improved my bps consistency instantly.

A side by side look at the Sling and stock VS2 trigger:

All in all this is a great product from CP and I would recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their trigger. Some install instructions and pictures would have been nice but you can't have it all!. The color choices are awesome and sure to please. The support from CP over the phone was great and almost unheard of in today's market.
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