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Old 04-25-2010, 02:22 PM
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Default Spyder .50 caliber Advancer

I played with this this weekend and was very impressed. I have a Spyder Electra, which in all aspects is the same as the .50 cal Advancer, save the bore size. It shot the same as my Electra. I had a great day of paintball. The Advancer performed the same as any other .68 caliber marker I have owned. It got 1,300 shots from a 45 cubic inch tank with a 3000psi fill. I used Kingman Slate Supreme paintballs, and GI MilSim paintballs. They both performed like .68 cal paint. Breaks were not an issue at close range nor long range. I did like the orange blaze color of the Kingman Slate paint. It was a wee bit earier to track my paint while shooting in a stream. I experienced no breaks in my marker on the day. I played a combination of speedball and woodsball. The marker performed flawlessly on both kinds of fields. The stock barrel shoots straighter than a stock Spyder .68 cal barrel. The stock regulator chrono'd at +- 10. I guess with a break in period it would get better. Accuracy was good with the stock setup, but halfway through the day I replaced it with my CP regulator. I noticed an instant increase in accuracy after that. I was using a GI MilSim .50 cal Agitator hopper. The feed rate was good enought to keep up with the marker, except in Millinium Ramping. I was able to outshoot the hopper in that mode. The hopper holds 340 rounds of paint. With three 50 round tubes (which holds 150 .50 cal balls) I was able to walk in the field with nearly 800 rounds....lightweight!

Pros: Price $125, lightweight, good setup out of the box for those strapped for $$$, air efficient, balls are tiny so you're able to carry more rounds, paintballs are quality and break well, hits hurt ALOT less, marks with a good half dollar size mark,

Cons: Does not come with a squeegee, and I can't find a .50 cal squeegee anywhere in stock. Not a problem until I chop though. Upgrade regulator when you can (stock is ok though). Paintballs have to be ordered online right now.

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