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Old 06-12-2006, 02:00 PM
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Default I have a MAJOR leak....

in my Shocker and can't seem to fix it.

So I get a new trigger - the NDZ slik trigger - and was trying it out. What started happening was strange. It all of a sudden would stop shooting. The noid would click, but the bolt wouldn't go forward for a while. A couple of times it would, but no air would go through. Then no more. THis started happening a few weeks ago - it would misfire like it was getting bolt stick or something, then it'd be fine. I had cleaned it prior to playing and cleaned it twice since then.

Here's what I did:

1. Checked all my board settings including dwell - and they were all ok. (Although for some weird reason, my board had reset itself to factory settings - weird.)

2. Changed the battery. Twice!

3. Cleaned and relubed the bolt.

4. Cleaned the noid plunger and relubed.

5. Cleaned the solenoid inserts and reinserted them, lining them up flush with the body - stock body.

When I put it back together again, all of a sudden I had a MAJOR leak from the right, front side exhaust on the manifold, looking at it from upside down. Immediately, this is what I did:

1. WENT TO YDNA's site and checked it out - several times. Specifically, this page, this page and this page.

2. Changed and lubed the orings on the manifold - all six of them.

3. Replaced the bolt sail oring.

4. Replaced the 2nd to the last oring on the bolt sleeve - I think. (I'm not up on all the names of these things. It goes - from the front of the gun barrel end: bolt with firing can, bolt sleeve then bolt guide. Right?)

5. I DID NOT replace the orings on the plunger in the solenoid, because I didn't have any. I also didn't replace any of the gaskets (butterfly) for the same reason.

6. I pulled the inserts again and lubed them.

I aired up my gun and no leak - I was sooooo happy, but when I fired the gun, the leak came back.

I'm at a loss. Someone help me here!
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