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Old 03-13-2011, 09:54 AM
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Default Low Pressure set-ups, what works? What should I avoid?

I am not trying to break any records for the Spyder with the lowest PSI ever. In fact, I am simply trying to find a system that is geared towards consistency and efficiency. I am thinking something along the lines of a new Victor with a NDZ valve and a spring kit with a Ninja HPA tank. I want the Ninja because I can rebuild/adjust the regulator pressure. If I can get the marker hitting 300 fps, at around 400-450 psi, that would be super. Any advice for how to go about this? I am not interested in getting a higher end Spyder. I do not want an E-grip, and do not care about high rates of fire. I understand that people can experience a lot of gas vented up the feedneck and you need a force-feed hopper for high rates of fire. I like mechanical markers, and I mostly play woodsball, so I am not too worried about the lack of a low pressure chamber. I am trying to avoid having to buy an inline regulator right off the back, because I can adjust the tank's output so low. I know the Stabilizer is the best for what I want, but I want to buy the Freak Jr kit first. Consistency and accuracy are what I am going for. Any tips or tricks, or what has worked for you, would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 03-13-2011, 06:48 PM
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Default Re: Low Pressure set-ups, what works? What should I avoid?

#1 mech grips blow, they have a long akward pull, they are "double triggers" and yet they still can't pick up the pace. The frames aren't rights and usually plastic (they brake) I'm not saying you have to get a e-frame but if you keep it semi the trigger pull is sweet and its all around better. I would suggest finding a single trigger mech but they are not easy or cheap to come by. ON that note i've had more problems with unregulated spyder blowing smoke up my hopper and very little with my regulated/tuned spyders.

#2 get your priorities straight you're looking at a 150 dollar marker (NEW) and you're going to drop what 300 bucks on a tank and barrel kit? You can't possibly benefit from a barrel kit on the spyder your planning for so you should allocate those resources on A barrel. Whether you under, over, or exact bore your balls its consistency that counts and for a woods ball gun you and the intention of shooting far less then a pro speedballer you don't need to have .001 tolerence in your balls that shoot out of your marker every time.

ok enough already i guess i won't convince you or anyone else to change their mind so i'll spill some beans.

__NDZ valve is meh, your probably only going to get 400psi tuned anyway. Odds are if you pick up a new spyder (08+) it will have their new valve type. If i recall correctly, they put the same valve in all the spyders so whether its a wally world victor or a 2010 Electra you win. The valve is a "high flow" valve which is ideal for Low Pressure application. I've used quite literally all the valves you can buy except the madmann "rocket" valve. Here are the valves you can get a hold of from best to worst.

AKA, Madman, "balance" > 08 and newer> Magnaport, NDZ> Home brew> stock

the only reason i put the 08 and newer in a slightly better catagory is because i found the magnaport and NDZ were a little harder to tune where as i have had no problems related to the 08 valve. I would also like to point out that despite the 3 better valves they take a lot more work to tune and need a properly configured gun to even get working. I've given back a gun with an AKA because he didn't have enough parts to use the extremely high flow and i never got it tuned properly.

__ Palmers stab or a Bob long torp (cheaper almost the same too) will probably instantly allow you run your 08 or newer spyder as an LP. you'll need new lines to get it to work but this In my opinion should be the first and virtually only upgrade you do to that spyder victor. I've run both of the regs for years on many spyders and for the reason they are stabilizers so i can run co2. All have shot very consistant and up to the limits of the co2. You of course don't need a stablizer and can use any reg with a range of 200psi-500psi as long as your using HPA.

_other items of interest. If you plan on using any electric feeder then buy a clamping feedneck otherwise just buy an elbow. Gravity feeds suck huge fruity lollipops.

Spring kits. probably not needed and more importantly not going to work on a 08 or newer.

LPC. Not needed, throw a reg and tune your marked it won't be a gas hog . Also probably wont fit, the spring for the valve is a long skinny and by screwing a lpc on your valve spring would just rattle around and not do its job.

barrel- any one or two piece is fine, i used the stock one on the VS2's i had and the electra barrel on a couple of guns. Recommendations- J&J 12" Its really the best for woods, it "cleans" it self when you break one. Its straight enough to still hit your target and get to a safer place to clean it.

_Final advice

1- If you have the money (sounds like it) buy an electra, best option don't care if you play woods speed or shoot targets in your back yard.

2- Buy Used- You came to the forum i don't know any of the regulars around here that have bought a new spyder. They are really hard to trash, trust me.
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Old 03-16-2011, 11:18 AM
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Arrow Re: Low Pressure set-ups, what works? What should I avoid?

Originally Posted by DavidBoren View Post
...........I am trying to avoid having to buy an inline regulator right off the back, because I can adjust the tank's output so low..............
You can't even think about an LP conversion w/o a reg and high flowing valve first. They are 2 absolute necessities before you can even consider getting started. Adjustable tank just won't cut it -
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