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Old 02-13-2009, 10:20 PM
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Default New Intimidator Ram: NecroRam

Yup, the NecroRam is out for pre-order as of tonight. Website's www.necropb.com.

I can't leave you guys hanging without a pic of the prototype I got to test in the Spimmy (click for huge size):

I posted my review of it on Intimidator Owners, but it went a little something like this:

My name is Tim, and I have been in the paintball world for 7 or 8 years now. I have owned pretty much every breed of marker except for hard to find ones like the Ice Epic. I personally own a total of 14 markers at this point. Of them, two are of the venerable Bob Long Intimidator breed.

I have seen many products supposed to improve the performance of an Intimidator, and have actually tried most of them. All of them have barely impressed me, so when Chris (Necrolyte) approached me with the idea of the NecroRam, I was at first skeptical. I was there throughout the design process, and when it came time for testers to be chosen, I was asked if I would give it a go.

My review of the product starts here.

Testing Platform:
Marker I used was the Shunut Spimmy, with WAS 2.9, Sidewinder HPR, Verdkit LPR, 2k2 internals, and a Freak barrel with properly matched bore for the Formula13 paint I was test firing with. I used an X-Radar hand-held chronograph for test FPS's.

Test Results:
HPR at 180psi-220psi depending on velocity requirements (tested at both 250fps for reball users, 275fps, 285fps, and 300fps). LPR at 60-65psi. Dwell at 10ms. Kick was very, very minimal. Testing was not completely tuned, as I needed to turn it over to another person to get a second opinion, but given what I have seen and heard from the others, these settings are average.

Efficiency extrapolates to about 2000-2500 shots per 68/45, fully filled (cold fill). Depending on FSDO and HPR settings due to altitude, temperature, FPS, and ROF, I am expanding the range of efficiency so that I'm not damning myself with an exact number.

This ram is VERY durable. After taking it out of my marker and cleaning off all the lube, you could not tell whether it was new or used. This material is by far the best composite I've seen and used, even better than Nylatron and it's derivatives. One of the other testers, going by the username "Bronze," broke his ram in the bolt pin area by purposefully flexing it. He is a fairly strong guy, so I'm not surprised. Also, keep in mind that it was purposefully done. Other testers have had their ram shoot out of their marker and be unscathed. Other have tried hitting it with a hammer in hope that it would damage it. Simply put, if you do not try to break it with force behind it, it will not break.

For what Necrolyte's charging for it, I HIGHLY recommend one if you do not already have an upgraded ram. I would not say that people should just jump ship if you have an Eigenram or Epek ram, as that would be unfair to his competition and I don't "throw people under the bus..." but this ram is extraordinary from the customer service to the performance to the quality of the product.

AWESOME PRODUCT BY AN AWESOME DUDE! 9.9/10 overall for price and performance. This is one upgrade that I actually have tested and liked, which is very rare for me. Out of all the products that I've tried to improve the Intimidator's already stable performance, this one really does work. It also comes backed by the creator, Necrolyte, very well, and if you have any issue at all with it, he or Intimidator Owners will help you to fix it. You just can't go wrong!

Thanks to Necrolyte for letting me be a tester, and good luck to all with your markers!
My gallery of pictures: http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/71666...59995288_2hirm

And no, there was no video shot of it in my marker. I simply didn't have time to, and the weather did not permit. Soon, though, I will have a production model to shoot a video of.

TL;DR: I got picked as a tester of a new kind of lightweight Intimidator ram (stock's 33grams, this one is 5grams), testing went great, preorder is open now via the website at the top of the page.
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