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Old 06-14-2006, 08:18 PM
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Default On Line/live Help Thread

I don't remember if old KUSA had it...I think it did...anyway...

I thought I'd make a thread that everyone with experience with certain markers/boards/etc could post their AIM s/n if they wanted. My Idea is this...post your screen name, the markers you are truly familiar with, aftermarket boards, hoppers, etc. This way, someone who has a problem and needs it fixed by like the next day/weekend can get some kind of live help. Please try to keep the format I use. I'll add the screen names to this first page so it's all on top. I'll start....

SOC name - AIM name (if different than SOC username)
Familiar with.................................

druid - druid189189
Spyders - LP mods, TBoards, triggers, polishing internals
Ion - Just about everything, Ion TBoards
M98 - Name it
QLoader, Egg II
HOSSY - AIM SN- JumboShrimp32
basically any spyder- just ask i know a decent amount of stuff
Loaders- Egg II, Halo B
other guns- PM6/ i can help with a decent amount of DYE/Proto stuff
aim= MatthewTheTheif (becareful of spelling, its supposed to be wrong)
familiar with- any mech spydie
esp frame (not rocker)
Xtraking - AIM= hockeyrat96
familiar with- spyders, ions, wraths, and somewhat mech cockers
spyders- anything
ions- mostly anything besides new ups coming out and new mods
wraths- same as ion
mech cocker- timing, cleaning, shooting
pman15 - Aim= hansell88
familiar with-pilot acs and tl-r
others-tippmann and so forth
vikingshadow - vkngshdw
familiar with:
Spyder (any blowback clone or not) - LP, home mods, upgrading, blowback questions - just about anything and everything
Dragun T1 - Anything.
Wrath - clone of T1 (or not - it's almost exactly the same, and the T1 came first - so I know quite a bit.
Ion - a little bit - I've fiddled with a few since I've had teammates with them.
Shocker - just about anything from modifications to electronics (ironic I can't figure out what's going on with my gun right now, though!)
Angel - a bit, just need to ask to find out if I know anything about the problem.
Pumps - I'm learning right now, so I may or may not know the answer.
loaders: Eggy, Reloader B, Halo B, Gravity feed and QUANTUM - yeah baby!
Equipment/Gear: A whole lot - just ask!
BAMF-HacKeR - bamfhacker
Spyders - LP, or pretty much anything else
Ions- anything
Loaders- Halo b's, Evolutions
Goggles- V-Force Profilers, V-Force Vantage
Video capture/conversion/editing- anything
spyders - everything but the board electronics
DMC - tunning
V-8's and older suburban's
firmiliar with:
e spyders
kingman service reps
Hob Hayward
Spyders- basically everything.
Phantoms- kinda
Tippies- kinda
Bigred76 -
AIM- armedfuture
YIM- armed_future

Markers: Um, virtually all of them except those clip-fed scenario markers (the ones like the RAP4's) and I know a little bit about pumps. If I don't know the answer I know the places to go to find out, so long as the asker is willing to wait a couple minutes.
Hoppers: All of 'em except the Quantum, Warp Feed, and "Turbo Loaders."
Air Systems: almost all preset tanks I know, and some adjustables as well. Again, if I don't know the answer right away I'll usually look it up if you give me a couple.
Barrels: What do ya want to know? Lol, I know of almost all of them, their costs, and how well they shoot
timmyshoota - AIM: mauleball

Anything mid end to high end and I know about them. I already get enough people IMing me daily with questions(mostly Tim ) so its no problem to answer more.
durrell - AIM screen name: uncblue2412

I've owned almost every gun there is possible to own at one point or another, or if I haven't owned them I've had them in my hands for a trade or sale. So pretty much any gun.
Hoppers: Reloader B's and Halo's, Revvys
Barrels: I'm not sure what you'd need with barrels besides suggestions on what and where to buy, in which case I may be a bit biased.
shunut - aim and yahoo - shunut79

Spyders (pretty much everything except rocking trigger and EM1)
TheRedBarron - theredbarron006
Experience been in the game for over a decade, I play tourny ball, coach a team, own a shop and 2 fields. (no I will not sell any gear over the net, that is what my buddy Durrell does, talk to him about it.)
Markers Well you name it I own it/ have owned it/broke it/can fix it
Hoppers Seen one seen em all prob one of the only people here with vlocity knowledge
Air systems Once again I think I have owned all of them.. can help

Edit: that is also my wifes AIM name, she has been playing for nearly as long as me and can answer most questions. She is very knowledgeable about Angels and Shockers. So feel free to ask her questions too.

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