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Old 08-19-2009, 08:50 AM
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Default Re: how long do i leave the acs bolt when using drawer break in?

Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
whats the difference between the ACS and Terminus? and wasnt the JAM bolt the exact same design?
Originally Posted by zombie View Post
correct me if im wrong, but i think the terminus bolt is an ACS with two o-rings for better efficiency.
Originally Posted by OneShotKill View Post
theyre basically 2 different designs of the same thing...and the terminus have o-rings
DFS - ACS has no orings & an internal spring. Terminus is an external spring with orings.

zombie - Yes it will have better efficiency since the rings will seal around the air port.

Lets see if my brain can dig up enough info to make sense. Back in the day BPS made the Reflex cocker & built this:

The first 'spring powered' anti-chop bolt. Some time down the road JAM Bolts used the same design to get this:

^ for a cocker ^

^ spyder & I own this one ^

Some time around 2002 on these forums a fella by the name of BR MACHINE CO. made a version of an anti chop bolt, this:

While he was on here & making them I did not know about KUSA or BR Mach. & I was over at SpyderZone & came up with an idea one night & drew it in paint:

It turning into this by early spring of 2003 :

Early 2003 put me in high school as a junior with no job & next to nothing for income. I tried my hardest to get one made just to test. It never happened & I finally broke down & emailed Bandit bolts to see if they could bake one for me. That whole ordeal is another story in its self that Im not going into. Anyway, I moved & lost the internet but kept working on the design. I finally got it to a point where I liked it, the front piece went to behind the air port, but still no internet & alot of heavy drinking didnt help. Some time after I got back from college & back online I checked into Bandit Bolts. Well, they really did make my bolt & also made one like my 3rd revision.....

I was pissed for like 5 minutes & then I noticed Bandit never took off with them. I dont have a picture, that I know of, on the internet of my last revision.

Then one day I was surfing the net & ran across ACP new bolt. I laughed my butt off for like 10 minutes when I saw the Terminus for the first time.

It is nearly a spitting image of my bolt which I have yet to to get made.

*brain over heating* need to cool down.
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