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Old 12-15-2010, 02:47 PM
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Default Re: Really good pb video

So this is old, but I'm reviving it.

Holy crap.

I miss paintball

It's not so much about the gear, the game, but the team I played with to start, was like family. No matter win or lose, I loved it. It makes me want to start again, but the last time I played (two years ago) was at an NCPA tournament, and it really killed the sport for me. The field owner that was hosting, DQ'd us because we didn't have field paint. Normally, this I would be okay with, but on the NCPA website, where it has information for each of the events, this field had nothing at all. Many other events had the "must use field paint" rule bolded in the event, this did not. The owner yelled at our entire team, telling us how wrong we are in our doings. The worst part? He didn't even admit to the fact that they left out that important piece of information when they put their field info up on the site. Never. Usually it's the players that piss me off, but I met some very good people at that event, though I may never see them again, it really shows what money can do to anything. I know the field makes money off paint, that's no problem, but they didn't give us a chance, nor did they accept their mistake.

And lastly, the people I played with at my school, only one was 'my kind.' Surprisingly, there were no real stuck-up rich tools on our team, but it was a worse kind. Some people who started up in woodsball not but two or three years before, and didn't really appreciate the whole speedsball element. There was no team here, it was just rec-ball to them. The club was so disorganized, and myself and two others just fell out of it.

And then there is the industry. Holy cow. I worked at a local paintball store for two years, and I'm sure some of you have heard of the company, Paintball Central. A bunch of late 20 early 30's running a business. And boy, I have never seen so much immaturity. I feel like I was being bossed around by 13 year olds with too much money. It made me sick, it made me lose respect for the company, and eventually I no longer worked. Many of these people did not take their work seriously -- and the stores paid for it.
Good times, good times.
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