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Old 03-27-2008, 09:17 AM
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Default Re: And So The Spyder Cup Returns

The new fields are better then the last ones and should make the games a little more exciting. And dude the Tadao boards were made from a contract deal with Tadao. Kingman asked them to make it, they made it, and now Kingman distributes it. Thus, the Tadao is Kingman. The T-board is not a Kingman distributed product. One way to tell that the Tadao is Kingmans is that the RSX comes with a Tadao.
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Old 03-27-2008, 09:40 AM
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Default Re: And So The Spyder Cup Returns

Originally Posted by Schecter1277 View Post
The todao isn't kingman made. Did you read my post? It was a spyder, just had a spyder T board in it. They DQ'd quite a number of teams as a matter of fact. They are very, very vague on rules.

though, have you seen the "fields?" I don't think anyone at kingman plays paintball.
The Spyder T Board is made by Scenario something or other and doesn't come stock with Spyders. The Tadao is made by Tadao, obviously, but contracted WITH Kingman this year to be added, STOCK, to their guns.

Originally Posted by Schecter1277 View Post
I'll never play in that. They DQ'd my friends team because he had a T board.
Did I read your post? I don't know, it's rather long.

Did you read my post? (You've used that line a couple times, I've noticed. Just a head's up - yes, we do read your posts.)

Edit: Dang, th3 0n3 beat me to it!
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