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Old 01-28-2007, 11:32 AM
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Default Northwest Oklahoma Paintball Club

Ok, I've been toying with this idea since I stopped playing about a year ago, and I think it's time has come. Over the past couple of years, I've seen different clubs (actual, physical clubs) pop up in areas where it seems paintball has died off, as an attempt to resurrect the game. Namely, the Richmond Tournament Paintball Players Club (I think is it's name) comes to mind when I think of this - they have several ex- and current tournament players in their group that get together every so often and play with each other. Membership is exclusive, and only those that belong play with them on those days.

Now, my thought is that there are several players around this part of the state, from all the way down to Elk City to all the way up to Dodge City, over to Enid and as far away as Amarillo and Watonga who have played for awhile and may or may not have been in tournaments before. We all have certain things in common, but the main thing is that in this part of the state, we can't hardly find enough people to play with, outside our own little individual "teams." When you're in my position, having "retired" a year ago, well, there is no "team" to get together to play with! I also don't relish the idea of only getting to play against 10 year olds (no offense to the 10 year olds at all, it's just that adults need older people to play.) I've also heard from a lot of players who love the game, but never get to play because they never know when someone's going to show up. Well, now's the time to change that!

So, I'm posting this here and on a couple other forums I visit to see how much interest it might gain. I propose to start a "Northwest Oklahoma Paintball Club" to get together about once or twice a month at different fields, to have a great time, and just play this game. No pressure, no teams, nothing to gain or lose, just a good time. Woodsball, speedball, whatever, doesn't matter. Just playing the game!

I propose that membership would be open for awhile, but after that time. or a certain number of members, it might require application and voting on by the group. In my mind, we want to be somewhat exclusive in that when we get together, we want to have a good time and not worry about egos or attitudes or who hates whom. No dues, just maybe a donation every now and then to pay for something to eat (we could have barbecues and stuff like that involving the girlfriends, wives, husbands and children of members. Of course, everything I'm talking about would be voted on by members of the club, I'm just throwing it out there for the moment since the club hasn't actually formed yet.

For those not from the Woodward area, don't worry! This won't be a "Woodward Paintball Club." We may be centered out of Woodward for now, but we'd play at everyone's favorite or home field eventually. For example, I propose that if this club is a good idea, we all meet at Paintball Fury for the first day. We'd spend the day playing, eating, having a good time, then we'd vote on where the next day would be. It might be Woodward again, or Elk City, or Enid, or Dodge City or even in Oklahoma City - where ever.

So, what do you think? Before this goes further, I'd like to get an idea on whether this will work or not. Post up in this thread that your interested, including your name and where you're from. After awhile, I'll make a master list and then we can take it from there as far as club rules, meetings, etc. Remember, this isn't a team, it's a club. However, members of teams are certainly welcome.

Here's a link the thread on the forum that we have. Click it and post up if you're interested!
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