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Old 09-15-2007, 05:20 PM
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Default Custom Freak Tips - Review

Updatd. Copied from my post in the 'reviews' section.


Custom Made Freak Barrel Tips – My Review

Rating is scored 0-5.
A “0” represents the lowest opinion or quality;
A “5” represents the highest possible quality or standard.

There is this member of the Smart Corps Forum who goes by the name of jcurt454, who is a machinist by trade. He’s offering his vocational services to supplement his income. He has an EBay name of jcurt455 and sold several 1” Freak-styled tips he made. He also appears to have good feedback there so we talked about him creating a tip to my particular specifications. His email address is Jcurtindale@adelphia.net and communication was excellent - and my barrel tips were here within a week.

Shipping/packaging: Rating 5

Like I said, he had to create one from scratch but I also got one that already existed. I had both parts within 6 days from initial conversation.
Barrels were well wrapped and separated from each other in the package.

Tip #1 was the one’s he’d previously made. The length is 1” and was anodized dust black.

Tip #2 was the one I had created. It is raw and unpolished.

Craftsmanship, Tip #1:

My first impression is that the piece is very well made. There are a few tool marks on the collar where the tip fits into the barrel back (below the threads/right side of theads in the pics below) but this is purely cosmetic and will not affect function or performance. Rating 4

Porting was done in a tasteful manner and the holes appear to be proportionately spaced. The porting on the barrel bore is perfect…there are no burrs inside the bore. Rating 5
There is a groove for a barrel O Ring. None was supplied but I knew this in advance. The lines are even, clean and square. Rating 4 for lack of the O Ring.

Threading for the Freak back appears to be well cut, since there is no presence of burrs or any other obstruction in the threads. Rating 5


The piece arrived anodized dust black but upon inspection, it appears that the anodizer failed to polish out the bore. Other than this fact, the finish is consistent and even all the way around the exterior. Rating 5

Performance will be tested on Sunday 16 Sept 07 - PERFOMANCE POSTED BELOW


Tip #2 was the one I had created. It came with a raw finish, the tip is 2 ½” long and the milling is exactly as I requested. The edges of the muzzle break are well cut and there were no burrs, sharp edges or any other visible errors. Rating 5

The porting behind the muzzle break is identical to the 1” models he previously made but spaced farther apart because of the extended length. There are no burrs inside the bore. Rating 5

The threading was again perfect…however this tip does not come with a barrel O Ring, nor is a channel cut for it. I did not include the channel for an O Ring in my schematics and no O Ring would be supplied. Again, I already knew this. Rating 5

Since this is a ‘raw’ tip, it also came with an unpolished bore because I will have it finished and anodized by a different person. Rating 5


Performance will be tested on Sunday 16 Sept 07 - PERFORMANCE POSTED BELOW

Pictures: I have s ****ty camera and had to 'enhance' some pics in my photoshop. Forgive the quality.

Tip #1 - 1" Freak tip threaded section. Note the tool marks right of the threads:

Pocket for the Freak insert:

Muzzle area:


Tip #2 - 2.5" Tip attatched to the Freak Back. I asked him to make it a little thicker that the blackened model so it better matched the Freak back. He did that and even though it's a bit thicker than the back, I think it looks alot better than the thinner walled (Black) version:

BARREL UNDER REVIEW: _____Custom Cut Freak Tips_______


Environmental Conditions
Temperature: ___67*____*F Humidity: __49___%
Wind Speed: ___>3____Mph Wind Gusts: ___0___Mph
Weather Conditions: _____Clear and sunny_______ Clear/Rain/Snow


Paint Information
Date of Purchase: __9___/__1___/__07___
Brand: _____________PMI Premium_________________
Paintball Size: ________.689 as determined by Freak Insert____________


Marker Setup Information
Velocity: ____279_____FPS is the Average of 5 shots
Make: _________AGD___________ Model: _________68 Classic Automag____________
Air Source: _____88/45 HPA__________
Regulated: ___Bottle reg only_____
(If yes please specify manufacturer: ________GuerrillaAir ***U reg. Median output ~750 psi_______________)
Modifications List: (List any and all upgrades or modifications installed at time of use below)
CO2 5-hole Bolt mod
ACI 8 stage Subzero Expansion chamber
Freak Kit
Warp Feed
APP 350 round gravity hopper
S/S Freak back,
Tip 1 = 1" Black anno'd tip;
Tip 2 = 2.5" Raw Tip


User Evaluation:

Please write a brief description of how the barrel worked for you on this date:
(Overall performance, accurately hit target, paint breaks, ECT.)

Games played - Renegade woodsball. Players present = 12.


Tip #1 - (1" Black dust annodized tip)

Excellent Tip. Chronographing required a ~14 fps decrease in velocity after test with 14" AA tip. (meaning, the 1" tip registered 14 fps faster than the 14" Freak, requiring me to velocity-down the marker).

After chrono, target practice on a tree 4" in diameter and 30 feet distant. Of 20 balls fired, 16 impacted the tree within 4" (vertical impacts) of all other inpacts. 2 were 'wingers' and 2 were my fault/improper aim.

During play -

At least as accurate as the AA front (14" total). The shortness of the barrel makes it definately more maneuverable in thick brush. The down side is, I could not poke the barrel through brush very well and had to be "more exposed" than I like to be.

Total balls fired - 500 for this tip over the course of the day.


Tip #2 - (Raw tip, 2/5" long)

Excellent tip. Chronographing remained a constant between this and Tip #1.

After chrono, target practice on the same tree at the same distance. 20 balls at 30 feet, 15 impacts within a 6" vertical area of all other impacts. This tip seemed to create more "lift" in the paint, causing impacts at a slightly higher elevation using the same aim point - as if it were reacting like a Tippmann "Flatline" barrel. This could be from the extra 1.5 inches over Tip #1, or the presence of the "muzzle break...or possibly both. The 5 "missed" shots were "wingers" that curved withing 5' of the tree but then, it only missed the tree by a few inches at best. This could be the paint, it could have been the very slight breeze in the treeline. I'm unsure of the exact "reason" but I highly doubt it was the barrel's fault. If 15 can make a 6" spot, there's no reason to believe the other 5 couldn't have also.

During play -

Again, slight "lofting" of the paint cause me to have to constantly readjust my aim to a lower aim point. However, out to 75/100 feet, this barrel tip performed as accurate as my 14" as compared. Again, the shortness of this tip made it very maneuverable but made it impossible to "poke through" brush and caused me to be more out in the "open" than I like to be.

Total balls fired - 500 for this tip over the course of the day.

Starting air in 88/45 was a "needle shy of" 4,000 psi. Ending pressure was 2000 psi for the day. 500 balls were put through each barrel tip. I ended up switching to my 14" Freak tip...solely for the reason of poling through brush...but that's the only reason. Had the engagement area been closer, or less dense with thick brush, I would have kept the shorter tips on longer throughout the day.

Overall, I'm very inpressed with both tips. Definately recommended for the Close-Quarters Battle type of game...or at least, with thinner-to-no brush fields. I'm definately glad I got the 2 of them.

Overall rating for the day:
Tip 1 - 9/10 - losing one "point" for the inability to push through brush/pallet bunkers.
Tip 2 - 9/10 - losing one "point" for the inability to push through brush/pallet bunkers.
I did not deduct any points for the "lofting" affect. To some, this may actually be a "+" benefit and I recognize that fact.

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Old 09-16-2007, 05:17 PM
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Mo Anam Cara (friend of my soul)
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Default Re: Custom Freak Tips - Review

evaluation updated
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