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Old 10-07-2006, 07:44 PM
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Default Reckless Paintball Fistpack

reckless paintball is a pretty new company, with some good stuff out so far. i bought their new fistpack for only $45. link: http://www.recklesspb.com/product_in...eabef8b559c56d and theres a video on their homepage of the pack in action.

the fistpack uses an innovative idea: it holds the pods in using velcro. each pod has a wrapper thing covered with velcro that fits into "slots" on the pack. pretty cool idea.

- if you shoot a lot of paint, only holds 4 pods
- if you shoot only a little paint, only holds 4 pods
- large profile
- velcro REALLY strong until broken in

- pods can be held either way (tho meant to be held top up)
- velcro
- fast
- if you play in the woods, easy to put pods back into pack
- can mix up colors of pod wrap things and pack (extra pod wrap things sold separately)
- price. and shipping is cheap, too
- having the most innovative piece of gear on the field
- comfortable

the review
when you first get the fistpack, the velcro is really strong, so i sat there for a little while with pods and pack and stuck and ripped the pods on and off. it doesnt take a long time to ease up the velcros grip. on gameday, i got everything loaded up and my friend was like "arent your pods upside down?" so i demonstrated. its easy to rip the pods off as long as you dont stick them on there too far down into the slot. so much easier than any other pack ive used. with the pods cap up, the cap is a lot less likely to open, and if it does, you wont lose your entire pod unless you do a crazy slide.

since the velcro is strong, you cant stuff the pods as far down as they can go, or you'll never get them out during a game. and since the pods are not side by side (theres hard plastic supporting the frame and velcro between pods), this pack has a rather large profile. the plastic is bendable, and with use, the pack can have a smaller profile, but it still has a rigid frame. apparently its not too huge, because i havent gotten shot in the pack yet.

i had no problem at all with pods falling out of the pack. if you dont shove em down too hard, the pods are held firmly without jostling, and can be pulled off easily.

since you dont have to pull the pods out the bottom of the pack, it can be worn lower. for me, it was a lot more comfortable to have my pack just a little bit lower. the back and straps are pretty well padded, especially the back. its a pretty comfortable pack. the sizes are small (up to 32") and large (32" and up) so i was right in the middle. i got the larger one. and it just barely fits. it doesnt slide or move around, but it does bounce a little. not enough for me to get mad at it or even really notice it during a game, tho.

the pack takes some getting used to. the website claims that you can get the pod to your hopper in less than a second. i dont think im down to a second yet, but being able to just rip the pod off the pack definitely speeds up reload time.

the verdict
this is a great pack. but its not for everyone. if you shoot a lot or not much, get something else. it only comes in 4 pod varieties, so its perfect for me. if you have to be really small all game long, you probly dont shoot a lot either, so get something else. so...

if you dont mind learning how to use it and 4 pods is a good number to take to a game, i fully recommend this pack. its hard to beat for the price

just for me
because not all games are the same, i am keeping my old pack. a wgp 3+4. if i need a smaller pack, the 3 pods have a small profile, but if i need a lot of paint, i can carry up to 7 pods. but for the majority of recball and speedball (for me anyway. if you can really name my position, itd probly be closest to midfield) the fistpack works great. so if i feel like playing up front for a while or head off to a long scenario game, i can grab the wgp.

~*Wow, Everyone look at this review, read it, remember. Next time you do a review do it like this. Awesome review and a great example as to how it should be done to the rest of the site.*~jjr


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Old 10-09-2006, 02:01 PM
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Default Re: Reckless Paintball Fistpack

i test dorve 1 a couple weeks ago and it was real nice. but i play woodsball so kinda noisy. and i was always using them because i was doing mad firing down on the enemy with my pimp ion.
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