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Old 05-01-2006, 04:55 PM
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Default ion mod: worthwhile?

hey i thought up a mod for an ion, im going to do a little story telling before i start so if you really dont care about why i thought of it just skip the red part.

ok so i was sitting in class, not paying attention, but instead trying to design a single tube gun that worked similarly to the ego, then ended up reinventing the spool valve... amazing. but then i came up with an idea for a mini mod that might cut the ion's dwell time by alitle or alot

basically i was going to build an ion (from aftermarket parts only) so it would be cheap for me, because i wouldnt need to buy a 4 way noid or new board.

run a 4 way, and have off push bolt back (where the qev goes on normal ions) then have on go to a new location which i will discuss soon.

split the output of the hpr to either an lpr and the rear hole on the gun (running the lpr to the noid) or just run the one stright to the noid instead of through the lpr

then what you will do is take the rear section of the ion, and attach a qev to the open hole where the bolt gets close to in the resting posistion, and run the on valve for the 4way to that. this will increase the speed at which the ion moves the bolt forward (maybe too much, i dunno) but if it is too much just adjust the lpr. the increased forward time will probibly increase air efficiency since less is lost in a low flow around the ball and it is more concentrated at a single firing moment, although youll be using more air to run the lpr.

i dunno, i know it wont shoot much faster, but it might be nice having something different. is it worthwhile?

oh! btw, im not resposible if you suck at making stuff and try this without a hammer to hit yourself with and suppress any desire to try it, its just and idea. but if you do try it, might i recomend www.wickedairsports.com 's new 4 way noid. very cheep, very fast, and id reccommend their micro equalizer when it comes out. this way you have very small components, leaving room for an lpr in your grip frame so you wont have to mount it outside the gun like ydna.
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