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Old 07-06-2007, 03:33 PM
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Default ***OFFICIAL Task Scavenger Hunt THREAD***

Rules: Read or suffer the wrath of failure!
1.DO NOT IM, PM or E-Mail the judges to say "will this count?", or "do I get points for this?" Read the task and follow it. Post your proof and then it will be judged. -20 points if you do this
2.All tasks that get removed from the list will also have any submissions removed other than the SINGLE winning completed post. That will keep the thread shorted and easier to read.
3.The contest will go on for 2 months or until all task are complete. The contest will begin on July 11th, when the list is posted and will end September 12th, @ 23:59:59 EST.
4.Safety is the number 1 priority in this game. We want everyone to have fun and do so without hurting them self and/or others, this means physically and emotionally. While we will try to make tasks that have no chance of causing injuries, some will require physical activity.If the judges feel that you are being reckless and are not taking proper precautions to prevent injuries you will be removed from the game and depending on the severity of the infraction your team may be penalized and you may be banned.
5.Any member that submits any task(s) that appear to have an illegal activity will be immediately removed from the game, team will be penalized and the members involved will be banned from the website. If you are performing any tasks on private property that is not your own please be sure to clear it with the owner first. Again, we want this to be fun, but don't want anybody to get in trouble.
6.While this scavenger hunt is being held on a Kingman owned site, Kingman does not assume responsibility nor do they endorse any part of the hunt. Any damages, injuries or legal actions that may occur directly connected to the hunt are not the responsibility of Kingman.
7.The point value of each task will go up by .05 (1/20th) it's original value for every day the task goes unaccomplished. All decimals will be ROUNDED DOWN when the point value is calculated. Point value will be calculated individually, when the task is submitted. Point calculation formula: D*(1/20)+(P)=V; where D = number of days task goes unaccomplished, P = original point value listed and V = the rough point value (which will be rounded down before being added to your score).
8.Only one person can receive points for a task unless it is marked as a judged(contest) task. Judges will rule whether a contestant has or has not adequately completed the task when they have time. If judges rule that the first contestant to submit the task did so inadequately, the next submission for that task will be subjected to the same protocol.
9.No posts containing task proof may have edit marks on them, regardless of whether the edit is before or after the next post. Delete any post you wish to edit, and post it again. Judges will not accept edited posts.
10.In order for tasks to be valid, the contestant must have sufficient pictures, audio, or video to support their claim. All proof must include user name AND team name. WRITING IS BETTER THAN SAYING IT, if you say it and you can't be heard, judges may tell you it is insufficient evidence.
11.A before, during and after picture will be required for task, unless otherwise stated by judges, or in the task description.
12.Tasks should be completed as close to the accepted meaning as possible, twisting the words will only be accepted to an extent, which will be determined by judges. don't be too "creative", it will come back and bite you. Tasks are designed to be funny when being done, they are lame when people work around them.
13.Judges are here to help keep the game fun, competitive and running. Be understanding that if a team is severely behind, they may favor them a bit more. Although your first reaction may be to get pissed and flame, it would be wise to realize that judges are keeping the game running, and keeping you from being incredibly bored.
Photo Manipulation will not be tolerated, -150 for attempting to pass one off as a real picture.
Judges have the final say


Old School: E-Buccaneers

New School: Project Toaster

VS3 Sniper
hob hayward

Old School Total: 647 07/31/2007 --- shunut
HelpDeskHustler: 81 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
phatphil: 68 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
marvin-martian: 83 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
leed: 192 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
Hossy: 15 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
muddytaco: 197 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
03tiburongt: 0 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
chubb0rz: 11 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut

New School Total: 825 07/31/2007 --- shunut
pb34: 153 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
pbfreak3221: 50 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
clickclicksplat: 0 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
newkid: -7 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
NeedForSpeed: 0 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
VS3 Sniper: 12 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
hob hayward: 117 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
mv540: 0 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
tater_salad: 10 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
kidonfire: 0 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
charfizcool: 0 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
badlandsrox: 0 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
redrider2x: 21 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
Siegfried: 403 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut
w0xy: 66 --- 07/31/2007 --- shunut

August 10th, Day 31.
Originally Posted by TODAY'S CURRENT POINT MODIFICATION --------- (((Days-1)*(1/20))+1)*PrincipalValue=FinalValue, rounded down to whole number
10 = 25 points
20 = 50 points
30 = 75 points
40 = 100 points
50 = 125 points
60 = 150 points
140 = 350 points

x2.50 modifier

August 9th, Day 30 - Original Point Value x2.45 modifier
August 8th, Day 29 - Original Point Value x2.40 modifier
August 7th, Day 28 - Original Point Value x2.35 modifier
August 6th, Day 27 - Original Point Value x2.30 modifier
August 5th, Day 26 - Original Point Value x2.25 modifier
August 4th, Day 25 - Original Point Value x2.20 modifier
August 3rd, Day 24 - Original Point Value x2.15 modifier
August 2nd, Day 23 - Original Point Value x2.10 modifier
August 1st, Day 22 - Original Point Value x2.05 modifier
July 31th, Day 21 - Original Point Value x2.00 modifier
July 30th, Day 20 - Original Point Value x1.95 modifier
July 29th, Day 19 - Original Point Value x1.85 modifier
July 27th, Day 17 - Original Point Value x1.80 modifier
July 26th, Day 16 - Original Point Value x1.75 modifier
July 25th, Day 15 - Original Point Value x1.70 modifier
July 24th, Day 14 - Original Point Value x1.65 modifier
July 23th, Day 13 - Original Point Value x1.60 modifier
July 22th, Day 12 - Original Point Value x1.55 modifier
July 21th, Day 11 - Original Point Value x1.50 modifier
July 20th, Day 10 - Original Point Value x1.45 modifier
July 19th, Day 9 - Original Point Value x1.40 modifier
July 18th, Day 8 - Original Point Value x1.35 modifier
July 17th, Day 7 - Original Point Value x1.30 modifier
July 16th, day 6 - Original Point Value x1.25 modifier
July 15th, day 5 - Original Point Value x1.20 modifier
July 14th, day 4 - Original Point Value x1.15 modifier
July 13th, day 3 - Original Point Value x1.10 modifier
July 12th, day 2 - Original Point Value x1.05 modifier
July 11th, day 1 - Original Point Value

-all scores are modified by EST dates.

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Old 07-11-2007, 09:05 AM
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Default Re: ***OFFICIAL Task Scavenger Hunt THREAD***

How to make posts for the contest:

All posts should contain the task at hand before anything else, Since tasks are numbered and categorized, make sure you start with the category, then the task number, then the actual task. Also be sure that the pictures have your user name and team name written in them on a piece of paper legibly.

Originally Posted by Average Joe
contest task #42: Bake a water bottle better than everyone else


isn't it cool how I can make myself useful to the juges by posting correctly?!
Originally Posted by TheRedBarron
secks comes to mind everytime I look at those markers. pure freaky secks.

You have been roshamboed
Old 07-11-2007, 03:52 PM
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Default Re: ***OFFICIAL Task Scavenger Hunt THREAD***

OK Here we go. The game is officially LIVE.

The next 4 posts are the tasks:

Post 1- The Judge group everyone can do

Contest – These will be given point values based on what the judges like best, multiple people can win points, the MAXIMUM point value will be listed next to each item, Judges will score these 2 times, once on AUGUST 11th, and once after the competition. You can only receive credit in one of the scorings.

1. Oldest Video Game Console 20 muddytaco - Atari model CX-2600A- http://www.spyder.tv/forums/showpost...8&postcount=95 - shunut
2. Cheapest Gas 20 Siegfried - $2.64 - shunut
3. Oldest Computer 20 Chubbz - Macintosh 512k Model: M0001 - BAMF
4. Make the best meal. 20 w0xy - http://www.spyder.tv/forums/showpost...1&postcount=79 - shunut
5. Most obscure vehicle 20

pbfreak3221 - http://www.spyder.tv/forums/showpost...7&postcount=73 - shunut
redrider2x - http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j1...x/IMG_3477.jpg - shunut

6. Coolest Vehicle. 20

redrider2x - http://www.spyder.tv/forums/showpost...7&postcount=73 - shunut
marvin-martian - http://www.spyder.tv/forums/showpost...4&postcount=74 - shunut

7. Draw a picture involving paintball or your team mascot(best) 20
8. Paint a picture of an apple (judged) 30
9. Do a trick on your bike, skateboard, snowboard, etc. (best- judged) 30
10. Coolest pet picture 10 - newkid - http://spyder.tv/forums/showpost.php...&postcount=139 - shunut
Old 07-11-2007, 03:53 PM
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Default Re: ***OFFICIAL Task Scavenger Hunt THREAD***

Post 2- Pictures Needed, once a task is ruled done it is removed.

Pictures or Video Needed– These are tasks/items that will only require you to have pictures before during and after the task, or of the item listed. YOU DO NOT NEED TO TAKE/HAVE the item listed (NOTE: Moving/Taking some of the items listed MAY BE A CRIME - - DON’T TAKE IT!!) You must have your team name/mascot along with any user names of people claiming to be involved in the task. ALL WORDS MUST BE READABLE TO GET POINTS. Videos may be used but are not required. Judges may give up to 5 bonus points for videos if they feel the videos enhanced entertainment.
1. Knock off vendor 10
2. Paintball store 10
3. Underwear with a skid mark 20
4. Tootsie pop with just the center 10
5. A Baby Pic of you (take a picture of you holding the picture) 20
6. Cut out Dodgy 10
7. Girl Scout Cookies 10
8. Scab 10
9. Garden Gnome 20
10. iPhone – consumer owned – no display models. 30
11. Any paintball marker claiming to be limited edition or special edition 20
12. Xbox360 elite – consumer owned – no display models. 20
13. PS3 – consumer owned – no display models; bonus for 80gb model. 20+10
14. "Snakes on a Plane" movie poster 20
15. Fire extinguisher 10
16. Red Volvo 20
17. Any DVD w/ Christopher Walken's name or picture on the front cover 10
18. "Weight limit 10 tons" road sign 10
19. Bumper sticker with any animal depicted on it 10
20. Any DVD w/ Ice Cube's picture or name on it 10
21. A rusty car up on blocks 20
20. $11.43 in pennies; Bonus for pennies and/or obscure coins. 20+10
21. Set of dentures 20
22. Any "New Kids on the Block" memorabilia 30
23. Any Milli Vinilli cassette tape 30
24. Typewriter 30
25. Collection of 3 or more diff. hubcaps 20
26. Pink cowboy hat 20
27. Non-motorized lawnmower (The push ones with the cylinder blade at the end) 10
28. Fork w/ tongs EXACTLY 1 inch long (ruler must be beside fork in pic.) 10
29. Bucket of KFC chicken (full or empty) 10
30. 5 toys from Burger King/McDonalds 10
31. Any Paulie Shore DVD/VHS 20
32. Any Chuck Norris DVD/VHS 20
33. Any big cardboard display from a movie 20
34. Pink little girl's bike 20
35. Red Swingline stapler 10
36. Any Power Ranger's memorabilia 10
37. Guy working at any store w/ a GROWN afro or GROWN dreadlocks (no fakes) 20
38. Emo wearing a SpongeBob Shirt (Emo hair or tight black girl pants) 40
39. Any place claiming to be the "World's largest" or "World's best" restaurant, attraction, store, Etc. 20
40. Autograph a cow 20
41. Piggy back ride from cop 50
42. More than 3 clowns in one place (not a circus) – picture must contain all at one time. 20
43. Something that says “Made In Canada” 20
44. A little person holding balloons 50
45. Get a picture of a celebrity and yourself; Bonus for any celebrity listed on this page. 40+10
46. Official (not homemade) speed limit sign that doesn’t end in 0 or 5; Bonus if it has fraction 20
47. Make Dodgy cookies 10
48. Tow something without wheels behind your car. (pictures are needed to prove motion of the car) 20
49. Toupee; Bonus if you model it. 20+10
50. Restaurant Pager 10
51. Eat a half can of spam 20
52. A Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks (both must be visible in picture, otherwise vid is needed) 40
53. Take a picture of yourself at the zoo 20
54. Kiss someone on the lips that is over eighty years old 40
55. Collect 25 different santa clauses. (like ones on wrapping papers, pictures, decorations, whatever) 30
56. Build a box fort 30
57. Take a Pic at a MLB baseball game 20
58. Climb a tree 10
59. Break 5 eggs on something red 10
60. Give someone a Mohawk 20
61. Tow something without wheels from your belt strap (Proof that it moved +10ft) 20
62. Get duct taped to a wall (must be supported in air by tape) 30
63. Tow someone in a shopping cart from your belt strap (Proof that it moved +15ft) 20
64. Eat about 2 scoops of ice cream with your bare hands (from bowl) – Bonus if you skip the bowl and go straight from the container, using only your hands to remove the ice cream. 30+10
65. Make an omelet 10
66. Make a taco/burrito/quesadilla/etc. (must have shell and 3+ ingredients) 10
67. Make a bird house; Bonus if bird lives ends up living in it. 20+50
68. Buy 25 hostess products (must appear as 25 items on receipt); Bonus eat them in under 5 minutes 20+20
69. Chalk username + team name on driveway. 10
70. Take a picture with the Wal-Mart greeter 10
71. Take a picture with a Best Buy/Circuit City greeter – if you are in Canada Future Store will suffice. 20
72. Take a picture of you in front of a Court House 20
73. Take a picture of you next to Ronald McDonald statue 30
74. Turn your face into a dodgy(no photoshop) 30
75. Get a Police officer to hold your team’s sign – must be in proper apparel 40
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Default Re: ***OFFICIAL Task Scavenger Hunt THREAD***

Post 3- Video Needed, once a task is ruled done it will be removed

Video Needed– These are tasks that absolutely require video Evidence. Do not do these on private property, and do not break any laws while in the process of doing these.
2. Get a girl to pour baked beans down your pants(make sure they aren’t hot) 40
3.make out with a manikin for one minute 40
4.Get service without shoes or shirt 30
5. Get a cashier to say, "What are you using that for?" 50
6. Shot-put a frozen turkey into a pre-marked 4x4 area (or hoola hoop) 40
7. Taunt a llama into spitting on you. Bonus if you actually get spit on by a llama 30+140
8. Find an earthworm and eat it 40
9. Go to local card shop and play Pokémon with 40 year old men 30
10. Walk into a store asking people if they want your autograph and sound ridiculously cocky 30
11. pay for fast food with pennies (bill must exceed 2 dollars) 30
12. walk thru drive thru with at least 2 people in your “invisible car”; Bonus for rolling down fake windows and making car sound effects 40+20
13. shave your eyebrows 40
14. Eat an entire head of lettuce 30
15. Wake a sleeping person up with a feather and shaving cream (Night Vision cameras or w/ enough light to see) 30
17. Get your team name announced over a Store PA(must be a big store) 40
18. Go door to door asking for a cup of sugar – get 2 individual cups from different people, video must link both houses that give you sugar. 40
19. Dive into a pool 20
20. Ride an inflatable raft down a grassy hill; bonus if you go 40+ feet in one run and can prove distance 30+20
21. Log roll about 20 feet down a steep (at least 35*), grassy hill 30
22. Go to a fast food restaurant, give them a handful of unused ketchup packets that say the restaurant's name on it and say you felt bad about being wasteful. Bonus if you cry and make a scene. 30+40
23. ASK a police officer for a ride home. Bonus if he gives you one. Super bonus if you live extremely close to where you got the ride from. 30+20+40
24. sit on a bench and believably cry loudly in public for 30 seconds; Bonus points if a random person asks you if you are ok. 20+10
25. Go trick or treating (3 houses), full costume; Bonus get candy. 30+10
26. Buy 1 cent of gas in cash. 30
27. Pump eight fountain drinks at the same time 30
28. Make snow angels in the mud 30
29. Dance routine in public (not YMCA) 30
30. Fly a kite out of a car (must be one driver, and one flyer) 30
31. Order fruit loops at a Chinese restaurant 30
32. Shave both legs, ankles to knees, all the way around 40
33. Ollie 5 stairs 30
34. Shave someone else’s eyebrows 50
36. Order a double hamburger, and say you want the meat on the outside, surrounding a single piece of bun. 30
37. Go down (big) hill on little girls bike and crash at bottom 40
38. Make at least three dollars as a street musician (vid of playing and people giving you money – NO SETUPS) 50
39. Drink a hamburger and french-fry milk shake – vid must include you making the shake with a blender. 40
41. Get a group of friends (no more than 10 people) to eat 10 (normal serving) bowls of cereal in 2 minutes. 50
42. Hit someone’s Frisbee out of the air at the park – at least make it LOOK like you don’t know them 30
43. Find a 10 ft tall brick wall and climb it barehanded 30
44. Catch a (live) fleeing chicken (or other similar sized bird) with your hands 50
45. Attempt to mount a friend’s horse while they are riding it above walking pace – at least 2 wholehearted attempts or success 50
46. do a “stealth roll” while walking past a random person. (like a somersault or log roll but you have to go from crouched standing to rolling to standing) 40
47. Mud wrestle an inflatable cartoon character for 2min 40
48. Complete the “Jackass” Stunt “Facing your fears” while in the grass(Kneel, with arms behind back; then while keeping your back straight, faceplant onto the ground in front of you. Arched back, or keeping yourself from falling will not count as complete) 60
49. Attack the air for 2minutes while yelling at it, get people to stare. 40
50. Win any kind of Pokémon battle (videogame, card game, imaginary game with announced attacks, etc) against someone else (battle must last 2 minutes or longer) bonus if you add sound effects of your own – bonus determined by judges. 30+up to 20
51. Run up a stairs (at least 30 stairs) 20
52. Sing “YMCA” in front of a busy YMCA -2min needed 40
53. Eat 6 Saltine crackers in one minute and a half 20
55. Tell someone it’s alright, because you’re from the internet 20
56. Get in a power stance in front of a person and tell them you want to challenge them in a power stare contest – must be done in public 30
57. Stand behind a Wal-Mart greeter and greet three people with him 30
58. Ride a bike in a swimming pool 30
59. Eat 10 paintballs in 1 minute 40
60. Go into a hot topic and start crying frantically 50
64. At any store act like you are about to buy stuff, then before you buy it have a boom box playing Rick Roll and leave the building 40
66. At a restaurant act like a waiter to another table 40
67. Do a double shot of soy sauce – proof you didn’t dilute it w/ unopened container 30
69. Do a shot of pure lemon extract (the stuff in the lemon shaped container) – prove you didn’t dilute it w/ unopened container 30
70. Do a shot of pure lime extract (the stuff in the lime shaped container) – prove you didn’t dilute it w/ unopened container 50
71. Eat a half a can of frozen orange juice concentrate like a popsicle. 40
72. Eat 10 hard boiled eggs in 5 minutes 30
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Default Re: ***OFFICIAL Task Scavenger Hunt THREAD***

Post 4- Everyone tasks, they can be done by all participants once for team points.

Always Forever Tasks – These tasks can be done by everybody once, regardless of who else has done them. The task point modifier will not apply to these tasks.
1. Make a picture thread of your paintball stuff (in picture forums – put a link here) 10
2.Make a picture thread of you playing paintball (in picture forums – put a link here) 20
3. TP a forum member’s tree – you must have them with you in the picture, and you have to clean it up. At least 5 meters/yards of TP required 30
5. Buy a forum member lunch at a sit down restaurant (you can get this multiple times for different members) 40
6. Go to a major paintball event 50
7. Help a stranger change a tire or tow/push their car/boat/horse/etc. 60
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Default Re: ***OFFICIAL Task Scavenger Hunt THREAD***


May the games begin, and we may have a little prize for the winning team

Remember though, if you do something against the rules or we deem something dangerous you will be penalized and you could get banned. If the contest goes over board it will be stopped!
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Default Re: ***OFFICIAL Task Scavenger Hunt THREAD***

33. Any big cardboard display from a movie 20

Originally Posted by timmyshoota View Post
I'm betting if you have erectile disfunction pills, they will be popular with the moderators.

Skanking to the beat.

Climb to the heavens on feathers and dreams
Because the melting point of wax means nothing to me.
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Default Re: ***OFFICIAL Task Scavenger Hunt THREAD***

Darn, you beat me to the cardboard one, however I still have
59. Break 5 eggs on something red 10

It always seems impossible until its done.
- Nelson Mandela
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Default Re: ***OFFICIAL Task Scavenger Hunt THREAD***

3. Underwear with a skid mark 20

Originally Posted by timmyshoota View Post
I'm betting if you have erectile disfunction pills, they will be popular with the moderators.

Skanking to the beat.

Climb to the heavens on feathers and dreams
Because the melting point of wax means nothing to me.
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