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Old 01-17-2010, 01:40 AM
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Default Big news for OK DDay attendees using launchers

Highlights and definitions From the thread: http://www.ddayadventurepark.com/for...8294#post28294
If you can't read it:
By Eric Engler
updated launcher rules
This has just been approved by the d-day staff
“Only Grenade launchers sold commercially to the general public will be allowed on the field. Mortars are allowed to fire a 2oz maximum size paint grenade and must be fired at a fixed 45 degree angle or higher. Multiple paintball mortar rounds will be allowed from mortars and launchers provided that they are fired from a fixed 45 or degree angle or greater. Grenade launchers and mortars may also be fired from tanks provided they fit the above rules.”
In the past rules stated only Scepter launchers for grenades and no multi-round launchers were allowed at all.
Old rule is here...
"# No paintball multi-round loads will be allowed in play, whether fired from homemade or commercially manufactured cannon. No loads firing multiple paintballs will be allowed of any kind.
# Only Scepter Combat Systems Launchers / Mortars firing standard Scepter paint grenades / mortar rounds will be allowed as mortars / grenade launchers fired from tanks. "
The new rule allow you to use a commercially sold launcher if it is PERMANENTLY fixed to fire at 45 degrees or higher. So you will need a stand for your havoc, JCS, and any that I missed here...
By Michael Copeland
NO MULTI-ROUND OR NERFS - that was what was agreed upon at the meeting and I believe the grenades must be 2 oz or less. That is what I wrote down.
Have a good one!
By Eric Engler
OK Just clarified this rule with Bunker Staff.
These launchers are allowed to fire 2 oz or less grenades.
(Later described as "2oz of fill or less"....NOT the total weight of the nade)
Again the launcher must have a fixed system like a bi-pod that keeps it from firing at under 45 degrees.
as for grandfathering the old launchers I have asked for a clarification on that...
Old PVC has never been my friend however...
Chekotai's resoponse to Eric above:
All launchers that we had approved had a built in tripod that hold it at 45* minimum and usually a higher angle.
And not a single one was made out of PVC (not a single part). We used steel and aluminum rated for a minimum of 300 psi (usually the ball handle joints). These had been approved by Airguy and Staff on the safety requirements.
By Eric Engler
Confusion as always, it did not help that I was on a speaker phone for the meeting.
The rule change was ONLY to allow other commercially available types of launchers into the game.
After doing some research Scepter Grenades were 2oz in liquid measure and that is the allowed grenade size.
anyone have a scepter manual around to tell people how to make them.
By Michael Copeland
Check again - I have written down that we will NOT be allowed to use grapeshot - that is what I wrote in my notes from the meeting. We need to make sure that we are all on the same page with this.
Have a good one!
By Eric Engler
Correct NO Grapeshot..
By Eric Engler
it allows more launcher brands but they must be used as mortars shooting at a 45 degree angle firing the 2oz grenade.
the AT pzooka rules do not change at all.
By Custar
To expand on this just a little. All launchers must pass chrono at 185 fps or less. At that velocity, grapeshot paintball loads aren't very effective, especially when they are simply falling out of the air by the time they hit. I suggested the 2 oz grenade rule but was very specific that it was 2 oz fill, not total grenade weight. This makes it much easier for DIY grenade makers to measure out 2 oz of fill rather than trying to weight each grenade while they are filling it, something that has the potential to be a rather messy operation. Both mortars and marker-mounted grenade launchers must be fired at 45* or greater elevation. AT remains marker-in-a-tube and is not affected by this section of rules. Tanks are not affected by grenades or mortars.
By Global
From the meeting we discussed and agreed that these would only be provided by manufacturers, this means companies with EIN's and are openly recognized as a manufacturer. No Grape Shot...Period, and you can't build one in the back yard! We discussed that they were to be used on the ground at a 45 or more degree angle just as we have with the currently approved grenade launcher. The rules for it's use is the same. The only thing that has changed is that you can get one from another manufacturer if they are legit, and go by the specs that are provided by the current launcher......ED
Now...username Posey899 plans on appealing the new "no home-made mortor" rule that is now in effect, citing that he/his Team owns several home-made, inspected and approved designs. THERE IS NO WORD BEYOND WHAT YOU SEE HERE.
Meaning, as it stands as of this posting and as I understand it...any person attending DDay OK can now use ANY mortor or launcher that is COMMERCIALLY MADE. The Mortor or launcher must have a built in/perminent 45* minimum elevation device and may ONLY shoot paint grenades with 2 ounces of fill or less.
Mortors and launchers must be chronographed to 185 fps or less.
Grape shot is NOT permitted.
AT [anti tank] PIAT and pzooka rules remain the same.
happy trails
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