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Old 12-08-2009, 09:23 PM
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Default Field Review - Redempt1on South Africa

Field Review
Urban Tactical Ė Redemption
Ok so Iíve decided to venture down this road to provide my opinion and hopefully gather some other playerís views, of the latest addition to the Western Cape Paintball playerís community, in the rest of this thread. In order to break it down and not get totally carried away Iíll break the review down into location, facilities on offer and experience of the various sections I have played on. For this review and any subsequent review I MIGHT do I will ignore the games format because they tend to be generic irrespective of the fields but I will list the categories that can be experienced.
Situated approximately +-35 Km from Century City in Cape Town, South Africa and about just under an hourís worth of driving (Speed dependant of course :beegsmile the trip through to get there is not so bad and pretty scenic if you enjoy watching the land float by on the way to a game...
Facilities on offer
At present there are the following:
- Shaded players area with adequate and comfortable seating
- Enough room to place/store own marker equipment during games.
- Sun happy lawn for the sun worshipers among us :beegsmile:
- Three comfortable bunkers for the resident teams
- A VIP section for important guests
- A Chrono Lane
- A test firing Lane for tweaking your marker prior to and in between games
- Ample parking
- Braai Facilities
- Picnic Facilities
Sections experienced
Urban Section
The village and surrounding area provides the structure for some intense force on force action. Even with approximately 40-60 own marker players there was enough room to manoeuvre and even perform some amazing flanking by both teams. Within this section you will find the following structures and items:
- A bus
- A mini bus taxi
- A house
- A moat with accompanying island
- A boat
- A container/storage depot style section
- Wendy houses
- A village/informal settlement
- Spawn points with netting protection
The village itself provides some intense close quarter action due to a few major improvements the structures have been decreased in size but are still high enough to prevent people from looking over, incorporated doorways and windows, layout of the village has been converted into a informal residence style with the accompanying decreased proximity between structures and crucially each structure in the village allows and accommodates for and average male to actually lay on the floor of the structure stretched out.
The house is perfect for simulated SWAT/Building capture/Special Ops events as its current configuration has 2 bedrooms, lounge with accompanying open plan kitchen and 1 bathroom, in addition 2 external toilets and an external store room.
Bush Section
This is one of the more complicated areas Iíve experienced so far it has all the hallmarks of a legend generating items and structures.
- 2 base installations
- A Dam
- Sporadic open areas
- Thick bush
- Fluctuating terrain levels
- Wooded area
The two base installations are formidable defensive posts and could double as full military style installations should the game/event/scenario require it.
The Sweet Water installation has open areas surrounding it with accompanying dugout bunkers and strategically placed defensive points. A Sniper/Scout/Lookout tower is perfect for the provision of Overwatch in the event the installation requires it.
The Malema installation is deep in the bush and due to its lack of open areas creates intense ambush opportunities and perfect locations for establishment of ambushes and controlling/directing any opposing forces into the preset ambushes.
The wooded areas and open sections have complimentary and versatile facilities for the disappearing artists among us as the wooded section has areas of thick close proximity trees that facilitate quick target acquisition but limits engagement opportunities. The open areas have limited target acquisition opportunities yet it facilitates multiple engagement opportunities.
Event Categories
- Scenario Events
- Recreational Events
- Military Simulation events
The combination of facilities and field sections has made this one of the most stimulating and entertaining places I have played thus far and would gladly recommend its experience to any other own-marker/new player. The proposed and intended sections will only further enhance the fieldís broader appeal to all players. In terms of possible enhancements for the Urban, inclusion of normal furniture in the SWAT house to further intricate and replicate the facility as well as the inclusion of a functional garage and for the bush section, enhancement of the existing bunker setup to solidify the use as defensive platform they provide.
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