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Old 04-12-2008, 12:18 AM
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Default The OFFICIAL Manual Thread

I'm tired of searching up manuals for everyone, so my intent is to post this thread so you, the members of this forum, have easy access to them (and I can just direct you here when asked!). I will try to keep this as updated as possible, and it will take me a couple days to get this thread finished. If I miss something, feel free to PM me the link to the manual, and I'll post it here and put a list at the bottom of members who have contributed. Thank you in advance for your help, and your welcome to those that wish to thank me! Try to keep this thread as clean as possible, please! Bear in mind also that this is a massive undertaking of mine, and a work in progress. I'm losing sleep over this. Flame me for not having "your" manual that should have come with your gun and I will report you and see to it that your e-life ends...

This is in alphabetical order. First is markers, second will be regulators, third will be hoppers, fourth will be circuit boards, and fifth will be miscellaneous.


32 Degrees:

Icon Series
Icon E/LED
Icon BL
Icon X
Icon Z

PT Series
PT Jr.
PT Xtreme

Rebel Series
Rebel Extreme
Rebel Bottomline
Rebel Deluxe
Rebel LE




Mongoose Series
Mongoose BBS (with eyes) - LCD
Mongoose BBS (with eyes) - LED
Mongoose II - Reincarnation
Mongoose Dip Switch Settings

Wrath Series


DM Markers

PM Markers


Pimp Kit
Pimp Kit (Equalizer)
Pimp Kit (Board Instructions)


Invert Mini
Mini Standard Manual
Mini 101 Manual (.doc)


Spyder RS Series
Spyder RS
Spyder RSX

Spyder VS Series
Spyder VS1
Spyder VS2
Spyder VS3

Spyder MR Series
Spyder MR1
Spyder E-MR1
Spyder MR2
Spyder MR2 w/ EYE
Spyder MR3

Spyder Classic Series
Spyder Pilot
Spyder Sonix
Spyder Victor
Spyder Xtra

Discontinued Markers
Raven Nexion
Raven Primal
Spyder 2000
Spyder Aggressor
Spyder Aggressor XT
Spyder AMG
Spyder AMG w/ LCD
Spyder Compact 2-in-1
Spyder Compact 2000
Spyder Compact Deluxe
Spyder E99
Spyder E99 Avant
Spyder Electra
Spyder Electra ACS w/ Rocking Trigger
Spyder Electra w/ EYE
Spyder Electra DX
Spyder EM1
Spyder Esprit
Spyder Fenix
Spyder Fenix ACS
Spyder Flash
Spyder Flash w/ LCD
Spyder Imagine
Spyder Imagine LED
Spyder NEW Imagine
Spyder JAVA Edition
Spyder Pilot
Spyder Rodeo
Spyder Shutter
Spyder Sonix Original
Spyder Sonix 2005
Spyder S.E.
Spyder Sport
Spyder TL Plus
Spyder TL-R
Spyder TL-X
Spyder Victor 2005
Spyder Victor II
Spyder Xtra 2005
Spyder Xtra 2003
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URT... Ultimate Resource Thread!

The [OFFICIAL] Manual Thread!

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