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Old 12-15-2006, 08:30 PM
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Exclamation DRAGON's Fasta review.........

OK, I'm going to do a review here but add things sporadically since I can't really use it on the field this very moment:

I have the smoke color Fasta LCD e-loader with 30+bps rof, 230 ball capacity, game timer, LCD screen, 18v, audio alerts, weighs 1 lb with batteries, low battery indicator, 20 minute auto shutoff & poly carbon shell -

Came in a nice red box with instructions. When I took it out of the box I noticed you can pretty much see everything inside the hopper. When you open the lid you can see the back side of the board through the plastic and it appears to have a removable chip or something inserted in the back of the board. Through the transparent body you can also see the motor, wiring and tab that activates the turnstile type 4 blade impeller that throws the balls down the feedneck. The body had a built in raceway similar to the Eggo except it looks a bit deeper and the sides are convex not straight up and down. Seems it would hold the balls in the raceway a bit better using this design. The motor runs clockwise rather than ccw like the Eggo. The balls are fed to the left not right -

Installing the batteries are a breeze compared to the Revy and Eggo. You simply slide the lower back portion of the door straight out, install the batteries horizontally and put the door back on. The batteries are not held in by the door at all. AMOF it appears if you broke or lost the door the batteries would still stay in no prob -

The feedneck is very interesting. It’s fluted like a fluted barrel. Seems that would help keep the hopper in place as compared to a flat surface. Nice idea -

I can see why they initially named it the Torpedo because the shape of the front and sides resembles a torpedo -

When I turned this thing on it scared the hell outta me because it made this loud beeping noise. The LCD screen deciphers a game timer that when activated will beep every 5 minutes when the timer is on. It also fast beeps at 1 minute remaining. You have the option of turning the beeping noises off if you'd like in a silent mode. If you leave the hopper on, it automatically turns off in 20 minutes. If you have a jam, you can push the minute button and it activates the impeller to unjam the ball -

The clear spring lid is nice and secure and has a nice ridge on it so you can easily get your fingers under it to open it. Much better than my Eggo lid that's hell opening and closing some times. People were complaining about it being on the top. I really don't see a prob with that or why it would hinder anything at all -

I wasn't quite sure I'd like the smoke color since I always get the solid black colored hoppers. I'm liking this color because it's a true black smoke and not a purple or brown smoke like some of the others I've seen. Think I'm going to enjoy seeing how many balls are left in the hopper rather than sporadically having to check through the lid -

The tab activation seems interesting since I never had anything of the such. There's no eye but a plastic tab w/a sensor on it in the feedneck that the balls touch as they go by that senses each ball. Every time it senses a ball going by it turns the impeller. No movement, it doesn't turn like the eye systems that can at times go off on their own until you manually turn it off if the eye is obstructed. This is almost like the intelli-feed system of the past. You can activate the tab with your finger to see how it works. I'm not so sure how durable this little tab is. I suppose time will only tell for that one. Think it'd be a bit tough cleaning up a puked ball up the feedneck with this system as well -

Well that's it for now until I test it on the field. I'll try to get some pics when I can as well -
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