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Old 01-07-2006, 11:51 AM
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Default Re: how far would you go!!!!

OK, I just made a list of my gun's specs. It is not done quite yet, needs a T-Board and possibly a ramping chip and eyes.

Marker: Spyder Imagine
Barrel: 12" CP 2 Peice
Feedneck: CIP clamping
Hopper: Zeggy
V/A: 15* High-Flow Assault Block and 600psi Planet Eclipse gauge
Regulator: Bob Long Torpedo
Drop Forward/ASA: North West (NW) Drop forward with on/off and DYE 1,500psi gauge
Trigger Frame: ESP 3.0 with custom-made trigger, Dye Sticky 3s, and 50g switch
Internals: Otterized bolt and striker (polished and venturi removed), stock valve
Air System: Pure Energy 48/3k HPA tank
Operating Pressure: 220psi@275fps
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Old 01-07-2006, 12:13 PM
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Default Re: how far would you go!!!!

I had an Esprit that was total P'wnage...I sold it to Bomberpilot07.......here are the specs at the time I owned it....

Marker: Cobalt Blue Spyder Esprit, modded for top-cocking
Barrel: 14" J&J Ceramic
Feedneck: ShockTech 2 piece clamping
Hopper: Z-Eggy II
V/A: -10* Trinity VA...,modded for high airflow, BL gauge
Regulator: Bob Long Torpedo
Drop Forward/ASA: Black 32" flame with Black Dust CP Uni
Trigger Frame: Boo*Yaah (mako Storm original) TBoard, TChip, Breakbeam eyes, classic Timmy eye covers, custom wooden grips
Internals: Maddmann Rocket Valve, Maddmann striker springs, ISP Nightstriker XL, Superfly bolt, polished internals
Air System: 3A 71/45, Centerflag reg and gauge
Operating Pressure: 200psi@279fps
+/- 2100 shots per ^^^ fill
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Old 01-09-2006, 12:11 PM
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Default Re: how far would you go!!!!

my friends, you have inspired me to go full upgrade!! you have inspired me so much i went to vegas to win some money and i end up lossing... BUT!!! i see t board with eyes and going lp is my plan. 32 degrees rocket pressure chamber is first thing im going to buy since its the cheapest and i need to do some research for t board and eyes. i'll update with pic. soon!!
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