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Old 08-03-2006, 02:57 PM
jynxified jynxified is offline
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Default Knock out Barrel kits

Does anyone know anything about knock Out Barrel kits? any information about the company would be helpful as well.
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Old 08-03-2006, 03:18 PM
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Default Re: Knock out Barrel kits

Those are still around? Wow, haven't heard of these in a couple years. Seems that they were pretty decent, but hit and miss. If I remember right, customer service was hit and miss as well. They were pretty inexpensive at the time as well....other than that, I can't remember.
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Old 08-03-2006, 03:59 PM
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Default Re: Knock out Barrel kits

I have a Spyder threaded one and one of my sons has a Tippy 98 threaded kit. I think they are great! We are not pro tourney type guys but both kits have 4 backs and that seems to always be enough for us rec ballers to match field paint nicely! I am a real barrel w@#$% and I shoot with em all. The Knock Out kits are fine barrels.
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Old 08-03-2006, 06:25 PM
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Default Re: Knock out Barrel kits

It is an Empire kit knockoff. 3A is no longer existent as they got banned from EBay for some reason or another. I had reviewed one of these kits and I was rather impressed at the quality, and I believe it was gotten for 40 bucks, a 3 piece kit with a case for 40 bucks is unmatched. I would give it a shot if I were you.
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Old 08-20-2006, 04:55 AM
mullannix930 mullannix930 is offline
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Default Re: Knock out Barrel kits

I have a 10 piece kit I got off e-bay for under $60 and love it. I don't have to try to find paint that fits, I find the pipe that fits paint. I have had no paint breakage due to the barrell and I can use a longer or shorter tip if I want. I use it on both of my Spyders and will be looking for a few extra backs for my wifes spyder so we can both use the same size bore if needed. I have used cheap paint and high quality with good results from both.

I only wish this company was still in business but that is how it is.
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