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Old 01-04-2006, 08:15 AM
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Default Re: Why they keep shooting?

Originally Posted by Drefish99
Hello and welcome.

Lets see from my experience in tourneys and reason why I keep shooting someone when I know that they are already shot is to get them off the field faster. Sorry. Some of the people on the opposing team walk off too slow so that they can still call out people and where my team mates are at. As a Back player it is my duty to escort them off the field as quickly as I can so that they don't have time to relay that my front men have moved up. Sorry but it is true.
Originally Posted by geeZus
I shoot, and shoot, and shoot, and keep shooting until you get the heck off my field. I don't care what the ref is saying to you, you aren't out until you walk off, so until then, I'll keep shooting. The worst thing you can do is shoot someone once and then move to shoot someone else. We lost our first game at Cup because one of our guys shot out someone, then exposed his body to that guy to shoot someone else...the first guy played on and shot out half our team.
Yup - guilty here as well. I don't care during a tournament because when there are points up for grabs, I'll be danged if I let that guy give away positions, shield other players or play on. I don't necessarily shoot them off the field, just until a ref comes and physically calls him out. If he's taking his time though, I know somethings going on, so I "remind" him that's not the proper thing to do.

Our team has suffered a loss or two because of that very situation GeeZus mentioned. We missed the finals in one tournament because of it. It's a hard lesson to learn.

NEVER in rec play though. If I shoot a lot, it's mainly at the bunkers themselves to keep the players back in and for no other reason.
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