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Old 04-09-2006, 06:26 PM
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Default build my ion.

ok so im extremly indecisive when it comes to things, although i can narrow it down to a few items... basically im going to build an ion from scratch since the overall design is good but the stock parts all suck. ill just post a few options to choose from and after spring break ill make my first purchase. try to only respond to the most recent option because ill probibly already have bought an option if there is one after it. options will be:

on-off/preset reg
body kit(color will be decided when one chooses the body)
board (if there is one besides virtue when i post this option)
grip frame

internals will be the same no matter what combo i do.

body kit (ill need something to put the internals in when i get them)

1. deadly wind isaria (black w/ cf)

then so u can see where the metal parts are better, here is the red one, i WILL NOT get it in red


or the:

2. deadly wind foehn (blue)

if i get the black one the rest of the body will be black, ill get autococker threaded breach if im planning on getting a freak barrel(so i dont get dust black), if not ill get ion threads and a cf barrel from deadly wind... if you chose the black one please specify which barrel you are voting for.

if i get blue ill probibly get a freak in dust black and a maxflow micro to match and use a dye hyper 2 for the reg instead of a gladiator for the cf body. these arent definate though.
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