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Old 03-25-2011, 12:38 PM
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Default Kingman Training Chaser

So I received one of these little bad boys in the mail yesterday (Whoo Hooo! Thanks again, Josh!) when I got home from work so I got to work checking it out and seeing what was what. This is the first marker I’d gotten in over 3 years, so forgive me if some of my comparisons sound a bit dated in this review, but I’ll try to be as fair as possible. The batteries in my point and shoot are dead right now, so I’ll just “steal” the pictures from Tim’s thread (found here http://www.spyder.tv/forums/showthread.php?t=21579) and his review of the pistol. I'll add my pictures later... Just for the record, I got the “Diamond Black” kit.

The packaging was pretty decent, packed in Styrofoam and a fairly sturdy box. It came with the gun itself, one magazine, a fairly detailed instruction book, one of those cheapy miniature pull through squeegees, an orange bbd (barrel blocking device), two 12 gram cartridges of Co2, a bag of spare parts and a jar of 100 .43 caliber paintballs. I was pretty impressed with the parts bag – since when do companies include such a detailed kit? Like I said, I have been out of the game for a while so maybe that’s what’s new these days. It came with orings of different sizes, allen wrenches, metal parts that I had no idea what they were for, extra detents, a microfiber cloth for the squeegee, a warning card, ect.

*Comment on the paintballs that come with it. Holy balls, those things are small! In Tim’s pictures, I actually thought they were a little bigger, but I’d say these things are much smaller. In fact, my daughter said the one thing that actually covers them – “Oh, they’re cute!” Hahaha! According to the manual, you can only use Kingman .43 caliber paintballs with it. I don’t know the cost of them, so I can’t comment on that, but it appears that Kingman has once again taken over a particular niche within the market – good for them! All the paint was packed in tightly, but it was all very round. From the little research I’ve done, they are brittle enough to break when dropped about waist high. That’s good stuff. But then, I haven’t shot it yet, so we’ll see.

So I pulled out the gun and the first thing I noticed was its size and weight. It’s a bit larger than I expected, but smaller than the Psychoballistic’s Delta I had used several years back (remember those big mamba jambas?) It’s also much smaller than the PT’s I’ve used in the past. However, for a guy with pretty small hands, the grip was rather large. That was a bit of an issue to me. In fact, my 15, nearly 16, year old daughter could barely get her hands around it comfortably. My first thought was that maybe if the grip had a larger, raised thumb rest on each side, that possibly could make it more comfortable. I don’t know though. But, to get the magazine and the Co2 cartridges in, the grip needed to be a bit larger – there doesn’t seem to be a lot Kingman could have shaved off. Also, I seem to remember that ALL Kingman grips were pretty big, so it’s pretty much moot.

Size aside, it was relatively light. The way I understand it, the Eraser (the Chaser’s big brother) is all aluminum and as such a bit larger and heavier. The slide and frame of the Chaser is made of high impact poly, with the body and other parts being aluminum. In my mind, this is not a problem in the least. It doesn’t feel cheap and being smaller, shouldn’t have any issues with breakage whatsoever. In my mind, I would prefer this for a handgun rather than the possibly bulkier and heavier Eraser. So, definitely a plus 1 for this gun!

The pistol has a nice rubber grip that doesn’t gap anywhere on the grip frame at all. However, the grip frame itself doesn’t sit entirely flush with the body of the gun – when held up, I could see light between the two. Since the only issue I could see there is possible sear to hammer problems and the occasional cleaning issue, I don’t see any real worries here. It’s been many years, but back in the day, Kingman had tolerance issues with their markers, and maybe it still goes for today. But, like I said, no real worries here. The trigger has an incredibly easy pull on it – not the definitive pull you had to make on the old markers and pistols. I really liked it on this gun. So give it another plus for that.
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