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Old 12-15-2010, 10:05 PM
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Default Angel questions for a friend

Ok. A friend of mine is dying to buy an Angel. Like the rest of the country though, he can't afford a new one and is looking at used models.

The last time I owned an Angel was back in 01, when I bought it new and sent it off to Cobra for installation of their pixie dust. I got rid of it sometime in 05 and haven't really kept up on them as I should have.

I know there are about a dozen models out there since I owned my blind LCD...so my questions are relatively generic in nature. Remember, he wants to buy used:

Are there any particular models to stay away from? Why?

Are there any particular models that stand out from the others? Why?

If you gave a particular model as one to buy, what might it fetch if let's say it's stock or only moderately upgraded? [Let's say barrel, detents and bolt...]

If you gave a particular model, is there an after market board that takes a 9V battery [instead of those huge Euro ones that I remember]? Link to the board?

He has a Myth reg...which boasts a typical output of 600-650 psi. When I owned mine, it required a low pressure tank reg [actually, it came with a huge freaking "AngelAir" manifold]. Is the Myth "low pressure enough" to operate a typical Angel that requires LP bottle regs or should he get the $13 LP reg kit that lowers the OP to 400-450? Is it low enough pressure or should he get something lower than that?

Any helpful information is greatly appreciated.
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