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Old 11-19-2010, 02:28 PM
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Default Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Pt 1

Saw the midnight showing and as you might not know, I'm kind of a fan of the series.

Up until this point, I've been very pleased with how the movies have progressed but this particular movie left me kind of cold. The special effects are typical and very cool but the story line more or less sucks.

Spoiler alert:

The movie starts out with all the kids abandoning their muggle families and erasing the kids from their memories. The reason is, Voldimort and the Death Eaters are out capturing, torturing and killing them off.

They have to move Harry because he's still a juvenile and therefore, can still be tracked by scent.

Mad-Eye dies shortly after the beginning.

Snape is seen for about all of 5 minutes throughout the whole movie.

Lucious Malfoy looks like he needs some Ensure.

Draco Malfoy looks like he's suffering from heroin withdrawal, both in physical stature and acting ability.

The kids end up searching for the remaining Hulcrux's that Voldimort created, they found the one but couldn't destroy it.

Ron is the same dork he's been all along, gets into a jealous rage, almost loses his left arm [along with Harmoiny] and of his twin brothers, one gets a hole in hes head during the initial attack scene.

Harmoiny isn't nearly as hot as the tabloids make her out to be and Nymphadora got even 'manlier' looking.

Dobey dies at the end.

At the very end, Voldimort acquires Dumbledor's wand, rumored to be the most powerful and ever created - and made by Death himself.
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