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Old 06-27-2010, 12:53 PM
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Default Re: ACP terminus bolt

Originally Posted by THUNDR View Post
How does that bolt work Zombie? Better than the stock?
i got my pocket chronograph in the mail a couple of days ago and tested my gun today. i have a velocity thumb adjuster installed on the mr2 for easy adjustment. with the ACP bolt i was shooting around 120-140 (adjuster's lowest setting). when i cranked the adjuster all the way up, i get around 140-155 (adjuster's highest setting). i tried the stock bolt and i was shooting 140-150 (adjuster's lowest setting) and then 160-190 (adjuster's highest setting).

so i think i messed up my ACP bolt by using too much oil and cleaning it with alcohol . so now im just using the stock bolt from now on. i wish i knew oil and alcohol can mess up a derin bolt when i bought the ACP terminus .

-trinity feedneck
-haloB (v35, rip and 2 9v battery mod)
-AK47 barrel
-(crappy) trinity AK47 mag expansion chamber (took off, because it leaked too much)
-ACP terminus bolt (took off, because i broke it and it shoots low fps)
-MRseries flux wraparound grips
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Old 06-27-2010, 07:08 PM
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Arrow Re: ACP terminus bolt

Technically, oil and all that is not what's wrong with bolts that tend to swell. It's the material they're made of. If it swells chances are the one that made it cheaped out and made it with a material that contains some form of nylon. I got that straight from my bud Dave who is a partnered owner of New Designz. It is easy to tell the differences in bolts made by New Designz and others made with the cheap nylon material. The nylon material is soft. So soft you can prolly dig your fingernail into it. You cannot do that with the NdZ bolts. The delrin is strong and has a hard texture to it -
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