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Old 01-23-2010, 11:25 AM
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What is it that keeps drawing me back to buying a Spyder when I can buy any other gun of my choice?!?
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Talking Exciting news! For you to choose!

Hey SOC! I just found out that if my parents let me get my license this Summer, I will have a chance to play paintball more often, and possibly even get a job at a place called Splatter Hill Paintball. I've been doing much thinking and I want to get an amazing gun and keep one gun all summer. When some people say they're a "one woman kind of guy", like paintball guns in this situation I'd like to be a "one paintball gun kind of guy", at least for this whole year. ha
I don't have a low budget and I'm looking to get anything that works, and well. But when reading the options, note that I want to get the best bang for my buck. I'm asking this question because from what I've gathered, it seems very many people here on SOC know quality well, especially in Bob Long guns. A question like this on PBN would result in an answer of a bunch of people knocking other brands and never stating why they picked thew choice they did.
Right now I will state my current picks of interest. These options are based on a Tournament Speedball playing style.

Gun: Please note that I've never fired any of the guns I'm about to list. So I'm, basing my picks on: 1. People's Reviews - 2. Features - 3. What I like to look at. As you will see, it's really between Bob Long, Planet Eclipse for me.

1. SL74
2. EGO 07
3. EGO 08
4. Bob Long Closer
5. Bob Long Marq 6
6. Bob Long Marq 7
7. Macdev Droid
8. Other: I'd love to hear what you guys like to shoot these days, and more important, why you shoot it. Is it good bang for the buck? What features do you like? Does it require to many upgrades? All the good stuff!

1. Either way I'm probably going top get a Dye Rotor. Unless anyone would object to this, please note in your post "why". Also, if you agree with this decision, make a comment too. = )

This is in the polls section, but I'm afraid that if I include a voting option, people will pick the most expensive choice and not feel the need to include any comments.

Thanks in advance guys, this is the "thread of honesty", I want to hear what you have to say!

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