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Old 02-05-2009, 01:09 PM
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Default Re: Why no respect?

Like Irish said its in my sig.....

It is a frankin spyder here is the rundown

MR2 W/eye
Virtue board W/laser eyes
ACP 2 oring bolt
Spyder MR series wrap around grips
BT barrel shroud with CNL guarder rail kit
SP 20" barrel
Custom suppressor
Custom derlin shroud (thanks ViperX) with rails rail covers
EGL 47 grenade launcher
A5 riser rail (G36)
AR 15 sight mount
Walther red dot
tactical vertical forgrip W/conceiled Bi-pod
Trinity AK expansion chamber
SAW stock
32* spring kit
Vlocity shim kit
Q-loaded (cms upgrade kit, MR series direct feed mount, 10 Q-pods)
And of corse I run HPA
General Shawn Wayne Tetz, Commander 187th Gaurds Mechanized Rilfe Division.
- Includes the 3rd armored brigade from the 34th Gaurds Armored Division. (APC's and armor as well as support elements)
-UCSF Armored Division Commander

Armored Units

-Deep insertion APC
-Killer "B" Battle Tank
-Troop Transport APC (almost done)
-Gun Truck heavy support unit (In the works)

-Order of Lenin (1st)
-Skyline Sergeant
-YGP Rep!
-Sector 4 team feild honor recipiant (UCSF)

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Old 02-07-2009, 10:51 AM
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Default Re: Why no respect?

Yikes.... a grenade launcher? Ouch.

Mine is pretty simple compared to that, but:

Spyder Compact body (From mid 90's)
Java 6 stage expansion chamber, and bottom line
02 Spyder Xtra trigger frame (mechanical)
32 degrees Venturi Bolt
Kingman front block/volumizer
14 in. Empire Twister Barrel
20 oz CO2

It's way old school, but shoots so nice.

You should probably check out the Cushman custom creations spyders if you never have. From your setup, I'd say you would like some of the stuff he's doing. Atleast look at the Browning machine gun spyder he made and put on top of a Geo tracker lol!

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