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Old 01-01-2009, 09:48 PM
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Default DDayAdventurePark FORUM is no more!!


For those who are members:


I know from being a member that the forum was overrun with German Mods and Admins but dang....to close it without so much as a reason why.....

------For those who are not members, it says:------

In 2003, the production team of Oklahoma D-Day launched its first online discussion forum based on the epic paintball game held every June in Wyandotte, Oklahoma. It was a novelty in many ways - there weren't that many paintball-based online forums to begin with at that time, let alone forums centered around a single game.

In that time, the D-Day Forum has worn several faces and has been tended to by a long list of dedicated caretakers. Also in that time, the popularity of the game and the growing discussion forums has exploded wildly. What started as a single forum for Oklahoma D-Day participants has since grown into literally DOZENS of player-driven, independently-operated, D-Day Based online communities.

Thriving game-related unit and player communities now dot the landscape of cyberspace, each standing as a monument to the dedication of thousands of players to this event.

What started as one small discussion forum for a handful of D-Day participants has grown into an amazing variety of online player communities that have far exceeded even the wildest hopes and dreams of the creators of the game itself.

With that in mind, there is no time like the start of the New Year for sending out the old and bringing in the new.

January 1, 2009 will mark the closing of D-Day Adventure Park's Forum. After a good six year run, it's time to pass the torch, and there is simply no shortage of Online D-Day Player Communities to pick up where this one leaves off.

Keep an eye on the official website at www.ddayadventurepark.com for official game announcements, updates from the game staff, and event news throughout the year.

For player communities, recruiting and unit information, and online discussion groups dedicated to the upcoming game visit:

Thanks to all of you who made this forum a real community over the years.
We'll see you around online... and we'll see you at the game in June!

From all of us on the D-Day Production Team to all of you...
Thank You and Happy New Year!

Credits and Acknowledgements
Oklahoma D-Day Forum Development Team

PHPBB2 Forum Developers:

Randy "General Steele" Parker, Clay "Mouth" Sanger

SMF Forum Developers:

Kevin "00Buckshot" Buchaniec, Daniel "Spartacus" Pianfetti, Chris "Diver" Cholewiak, Clay "Mouth" Sanger

D-Day Adventure Park Forum Administrators:

Randy "General Steele" Parker, Jeremy Hanna, Clay "Mouth" Sanger

Special Thanks To:

The D-Day Forum Moderators over the years. You guys took the worst job in the universe and did it with style.
Especially Ryan "JackRock" Cash who has spent more time staring at the posts on this Forum
then all the rest of the moderators combined.

A big thank you to everyone involved in producing and managing the D-Day Adventure Park Forums over the years.
For years of putting up with eye-strain, heartburn, bad grammar, worse spelling, and some of the most infamous
forum-trolls in cyberspace - we salute you.
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