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Old 09-14-2008, 04:03 PM
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Lightbulb SPPS 4th Year Anniversary Contest Week #3

Since I won't have the extra time to put this up later, I'll post it a few hours early. I'm thinking you may need a few extra hours of time for this one in any event.

Please read all of the following guidelines before posting in this contest thread to prevent you from making any inadvertent errors that could possibly disqualify you from winning the grand prize package. The rules and conditions could change from week to week.

Thank You

Hello all and welcome to our third week Sundragon Paintball Products & Supplies 4th anniversary contest thread. There will be one contest per week here throughout the whole month of September. As the weeks progress, so will the bulk worth of prizes per contest. So may the difficulty of means to acquire the prizes as well. No special skills should be needed to participate in these SPPS sponsored giveaways. Rather than just one contest with a few prize winners, we will be offering only one grand prize winner per week here. We have recently picked up a new sponsor that will be announced in the week 2 thread soon.

Just to keep everyone on the edge of their seats, unlike most all contests you've seen, the prizes to be distributed here will not be announced till the winner of the contest is announced. Just like Christmas one week at a time in September! The only difference being, you can't shake the package to guess what's inside. Though for the most part they will, not all items will be Spyder related parts and products. Most assured they will all be paintball related.


There will be one primary winner each week. There will be two secondary winners chosen as well in case the primary either forfeits acceptance of the winnings, does not supply us with the information we require to safely ship the prizes to them or does not contact us within the alloted time frame listed below.

The primary winner has 2 days after the posted announcement of winning to claim his/her prize package so be sure to frequent these forums for results. If we are not contacted within that time frame, the grand prize goes to the next in line secondary winner. This primary winner must provide SundragonPPS with their full name, mailing address, city, state, zip code, full phone number and e-mail address through PM's(private messages) on these boards. If you don't know how to use the private message system here, you might acquaint yourself with them before the deadline just in case. If the prize package is returned to us for any reason at all(unless it is directly in our error), the primary winner unconditionally forfeits the package to the next in line secondary winner who must then provide us with the same aforementioned information in the same manner and conditions.

Any current contributing member of these forums may enter to win this contest without condition of race, creed, gender, position on this website or location of residence.

Any of these terms or conditions may be changed at any time at our discretion during the endurance of this contest or after the announcement of the winner has been posted. There will be no debate concerning our answers as opposed to yours by contestants for this contest. We will not be responsible for any late submitted answers because we were not conveniently available for you. By posting your entry below you are confirming that you fully agree to all the above conditions without objection or debate. If you do not agree to these conditions, we ask that you kindly refrain from posting in this contest thread.

Thank you


This weeks contest are for those nerdy research nuts, tinkerers and/or Spyder trivia buffs! A bit tougher than the past couple weeks but I must say, the prizes will be muuuuuch sweeter than the last 2. You're just going to have to do a little thinking to earn this one.

1) Below are outlined 30 Spyder specific questions plus 4 extra general paintball knowledge questions. The last 4 are not required but could very well give you an edge over others if you submit them correctly. They will replace any incorrect answers you may have had in the top 30 or if you get all 30 answers correct, are additional points to your grand total of points. Incorrect answers for any of those 4 will not be held against you.
2) Answering all 30 questions are not required if you don't know all of them. I'm not too sure that anyone will actually know all 30 so everyone has a chance at this. Even if you don't know the answers of some, by at least submitting a guess you still have a 50/50 chance of getting it right though.
3) You may use any means possible finding out the answers to these questions.
4) You may even discuss the questions in this thread if you feel inclined. Only thing we ask is that you keep your posts on topic.
5) Incorrect spelling of things such as names could be held against you.
6) Please do not contact me by private messages with questions or comments concerning the contest as I will not answer them. If you have any further questions or comments specifically pertaining to this SPPS contests, please post them in this contest thread. I will try to keep up on them best as I can. Please don't expect any clues. That would be unfair to others that may already have that answer.
7) The winner of this contest will be chosen by the number of correct answers submitted. Be careful in answering the questions as some may be technically obscured. One for instance is, a number is a number, not a letter. Take that to the bank. If there is for any reason a tie, a tie breaker will be held for a final winner decision.
8) Once you have all the answers ready, please submit them through e-mail to, SPPSKontest@yahoo.com This will keep your answers confidential, out of public view. Do not post your answers in this thread. BE SURE TO SEND YOUR FORUMS NICKNAME AND WHICH FORUMS YOU ARE FROM SOMEWHERE IN THE E-MAIL! Title your e-mail specifically, SPPS SOC Contest #3 Send answers only and number them corresponding to the questions below. We will not be responsible for lost or misdirected e-mails so be sure to get the address above correct with the correct title. Nor will we be responsible for the correct answer corresponding with the correct number. We suggest that you look them over very carefully before sending them, then save your answers somewhere just in case you need to resend them. Any e-mails with attachments, large content or improperly titled will automatically be discarded. A short note and answers only please. Unless there is a problem with transit of the e-mail, only 1 answer form will be accepted per member. May even be a good idea to post that you sent the e-mail in this thread so we know to look for it at Yahoo.
9) You have a whole week to submit your answers so take your time. They must be received before the deadline listed below so don't wait till the very last minute either. The time posted on the e-mail must be before 11:59PM EST. That's eastern standard time.
10) Answer e-mail entry deadline is by September 21st at 11:59PM EST
11) The winner and prize package of week 3 will be announced some time during course of September 22nd at our discretion.

1.What is the full name of the person who owns the company that makes Spyder markers?
2.What is the full name of the primary administrator of the SOC and KUSA website that was in charge since its inception?
3.What is the full name of the manager of technical services at Kingman?
4.Where are Spyder markers produced?
5.Where is Kingman headquarters based at and what is their toll free number?
6.What are Otter's actual full first and last names?
7.What was the first year that Kingman made the Kingman USA forums available to the public?
8.In what year were the KUSA forums hacked and shortly after the SOC forums began?
9.What are the names of the 3 oldest primary online forums that still exist, themed specifically towards Spyder markers?
10.What was the first year Kingman released the Spyder sear tripping e-framed markers?
11.Name the 3 initial e-framed models they released.
12.What is the name of the part on these particular markers that protected you from being hit by the bolt?
13.Type the names of the 3 different strikers Kingman has offered in their markers.
14.What are the names of the 2 main FASOR markers Kingman distributed to the public?
15.What are the 2 primary differences between the AMG as apposed to other Spyder sear trippers?
16.What do the letters AMG stand for?
17.Name the 2 different AMG models available.
18.What part of the Spyder e-frame board supplies voltage to the coil set?
19.What is another name for the coil set?
20.What 2 things does a dip switch do to a Spyder?
21.What does ACS on a Spyder stand for?
22.What model series Spyder and year did Kingman start providing eyes on their markers?
23.In what year did Kingman release their fist paintball marker?
24.What was that marker named?
25.In what year did Kingman release their latest model markers?
26.What are their names?
27.What are the names of the 2 electronic Tadao boards that Kingman offers in their markers?
28.What is the name of the upgrade chip for 1 of these boards?
29.What does the acronym STBB mean?
30.What do the acronyms LP & HP mean?

For extra credit and maybe even a tie breaker:

1.In what year was the first paintball marker patented?
2.By whom and what was the name of the marker?
3.Who invented the first paintball and what 2 primary reasons beside paintball were they used for initially?
4.What type of paint fill base were in these paintballs?

This week you're being prepped up for next weeks final contest. You're absolutely going to love the grand prize packages for both these last 2 events! Good luck!
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