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Old 02-06-2006, 05:48 AM
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Default Southern IN (Louisville, KY) pump tourney!

Alright met up with the promoter and have pretty much all the info that you might need. Here's how it's going down!

Format- Speedball 3 man round robin (each team play's each team once with a point's system)
Chrono at 280 or below before and after each game three times with the average chrono limit below 280. Penalties will be assessed for chronoing above!
Date- Saturday April 22nd
Time- 8:00 registration
9:00 player's meeting
10:00 game's start (also we are in the same time zone as Louisville, KY)

Entry fee- $105 per 3 man team ($35 each) if you have an alternate player (4th) add an additional $35!

Prizes- Trophies are to be rewarded to the top three team's. I don't know if it will be one big trophy per team or three small trophies per team the owner wasn't there today and he will be the deciding factor!

Limited paint amount- 100 ball's per game. If you don't have any 10 round tubes the field will let you use there's if you need them!

Preregistration- Please be preregistered at least 2 week's before either through me or through the field. No payment preregistration is required but we do need a verbal/email/pm in order to have the field ready for the amount of team's!

Field is field paint only with the following prices-
$5 for 100 (yes they break down 500 count bag's)
$20 for 500
$35 for 1000
$60 for 2000
Even though they break down paint into 100's I would appreciate it if you bought at least 500 to help the field out!

Paint will be an assortment of Diablo most likely!

One game played at a time (unless the turnout is large) on a speedball field which will either be a large spool field or airball field.

PMI Traccer rental marker's will be available to anybody without a pump marker for a rental fee of $10 for a marker/hopper/tank!

Camping is FREE for anybody in the tournament as part of the entry package! If anybody chooses to get hotel you have a lot of option's just pm me on any info on that! The field does have a shower stall in the men's (maybe women's too I dunno) restroom inside the proshop.

Even though I live about 20 minutes away I'll be camping just to hang out with everybody. Don't bring any firewood as I'll provide it. Grab yourself some campfire food and some beverages and hang out!

The field is about ten minutes from any gas stations's, restaurant's, etc. etc. but they are all easy to get too!

You are allowed to mix it in with the recballer's afterward's and some of the field's are quite fun to play on so stick around and have some more fun!

If you have any queston' post away or pm me and I'll answer them the best that I can!

I also have a flyer almost done and will post it on here. If you know any field's that would hang the flyer up please feel free to print it out myself and paintball fun would really appreciate it!

Thanks again for the consideration and hopefully we have a turnout for a good day of play!

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